New Terra Farm News

Your source for news about New Terra Farm. We will be posting newsletters on a regular basis, to let you know what's going on at the farm, like planned events, or to rant about something, or to inform you about availability of farm goodies, or any other stuff that might occur to us (see April 07 newsletter for the debut of an original art form, the New Terra Farm 'low-ku' - a Travesty in 17 Syllables).

We will also put tips, recipes, suggestions and any other good stuff from our fellow CSA-ers (e.g. tip on shelling fresh hardboiled eggs in April issue).

As of May we are going electronic with the newsletter. We will only distribute a couple of paper copies to the folks who don't have e-mail access (we can talk about them behind their back here, they will never see it, hah-hah!). Environmentally friendly, culturally appropriate, devastatingly funny, you get it all from New Terra Farm!

We will let all our CSA members know as each issue becomes available. Check out the news at the links below.

New Terra Farm Naturally Good News April 2007

New Terra Farm Naturally Good News May 2007

New Terra Farm Naturally Good News June 2007