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The Bootstrap Market Garden Business Cycle

That’s enough of the ‘whys’ and ‘why nots’, here’s the ‘how’! This section will provide details about our Bootstrap Market Garden business cycle - i.e. how to plan, manage and grow a successful small business.

Like any successful business, a market garden has to conduct certain business activities in a certain order. These activities make up a business cycle:

1 – Planning. Set targets for desired income and profits; identify the margins needed and find the customers necessary to hit those targets (the Cash Flow Planner spreadsheet will help with this.)

2 – Marketing. Develop and execute a plan to find those customers. We will explain step by step how we did this.

3 – Managing. Once you have recruited enough customers to meet your target, put the management practices in place to serve them.

4 – Producing. Follow your plan, grow the veggies in the needed quantities, and observe deviances from the plan so they can be corrected. For example, we take ‘inventory’ of our started plants regularly, to check on germination. This lets us start replacements if some seeds don’t come up.

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