Key Features of the Bootstrap Market Garden

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Let’s take a quick look at the key features and advantages that make up the New Terra Farm Bootstrap Market Garden.

1 - Be as natural as possible. There was a competition a few years ago that asked people to complete the sentence “As Canadian as . . . “. The winning entry was “As Canadian as possible, under the circumstances”.

When we started the farm, we decided to follow, as much as possible for our circumstances, natural and organic farming practices. This means we don’t use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides (find out more about how we control pests in the ‘How to grow your Bootstrap Market Garden’ section).

All our animals are raised on pasture, and receive only organic supplementary feed. No growth hormones, no routine use of antibiotics.

We use crop rotation (and animal rotation, see the section on Integrating Animals into your Production) and composted manure to maintain garden fertility and reduce pests. Keeping our food additive-free is important to us, and to our customers.

However, we are not certified organic. Occasionally we have an injured or sick animal that we do have to treat (or lose the animal). Note that we do not claim to be certified organic in any of our literature, or in our conversations with customers. We do explain our model, and the choices we make regarding vegetable production and animal husbandry.

Do you have to follow natural and/or organic growing methods in order to create a successful small farm business? No, but it is a major selling point with customers.

If you are not familiar with natural growing techniques, we outline some of our cultivation and plant protection practices in later sections. We also give specific growing recommendations for many popular vegetables in Annex D – Specific Planting Recommendations.

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