Scott, I'm still not convinced this is right for me, what else you got?

Even after hearing about my success story with my Bootstrap Market Garden, the Premier's Award, the newspaper article, the testimonials from beginning market gardeners just like you, and the no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, you still have doubts about putting down your hard-earned money.

That's OK, it's a perfectly natural reaction. I don't jump at everything I see, either. So . . .

I've got one more SHAMELESS MARKETING PLOY to throw at you.

I'll sweeten the deal, and add even more value to what you receive, by giving you $27 off my 'Start Farming Pack', especially for small farmers.

Go to this link to take advantage of this special discount offer.

Special Start Farming Pack Discount Offer for New Small Farmers

If you pass up the special offer, you can still get my Free Organic Market Gardening Start-Up Guide.

This Guide will give you a look at organic market gardening the way we do it at New Terra Farm. Why am I giving it away? Because I'm convinced that, once you get a look, you will want to get the book and start planning your own Bootstrap Garden.

important Note: the Free Market Gardening Guide will be e-mailed to you immediately, so please make sure you can access the e-mail address you provide.

And don't worry, it's just between us; we will NEVER divulge, or rent, or sell your personal information for any reason.

Free Market Gardening Start-up Guide

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