Thanks for purchasing the Bootstrap Market Gardening Pack

This page will help you make use of your new purchase. The Bootstrap Market Gardening Pack file you received is a .zip file that may be opened by most versions of Windows or WinZip or other free zip utility programs.

You need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to read Bootstrap Market Gardening. If you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it for free at this link.

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The two bonuses are in spreadsheet format. If you don't own Microsoft Office, you can download the Open Office Suite for free at this link. Open Office has been tested and is compatible with our bonus spreadsheets.

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Thanks again for purchasing Bootstrap Market Gardening; I wish you well in your market gardening efforts. It's a great job, growing great food for appreciative customers.



P.S. don't forget, there is more Free Stuff here that you can get from New Terra Farm.