Congratulations, Leeds-Grenville You Will Get the Government you Deserve

by ScottK

I just checked the numbers for the Leeds-Grenville by-election held March 4 2010. I was mainly looking to see how the Green Party candidate Neil Kudrinko fared (7.7% of the votes cast) but here's the real interesting statistic:

Of the 75,333 eligible voters, only 27,794 bothered to cast a ballot! That's less than 40% voter turnout, a shameful record by any accounting.

What's the matter with people? Do you WANT to hand control of your lives over to big corporate interests and the banks that enable them? Are you tired of making decisions for yourself and want the 'nanny state' to take care of you? Is picking one name out of a list of a half-dozen too mentally challenging?

If you can't be bothered to show up a couple times a decade to support real democracy, you deserve the screwing you will get when the corporate fat cats and their political lackeys completely take over.

But I bet the slackers don't miss an episode of 'American Idol', right? Good to know where their priorities are.

I'm gonna go drink something, or shoot something, or kick something; maybe all 3.

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