Economy up; People not so much

by ScottK

In today's Ottawa Citizen, it's reported that Canada's 'economic indicators' are up by 1% in the month of March. Another recent story informed us that the federal 'public service' (which has become the ultimate oxymoron IMHO) has grown by 77% since 1998.

Doesn't matter which political party is in charge ('political leadership' being another oxymoron in this country)the bloated bureaucracy keeps on a'growin.

And, to throw yet another number at you, Canadians now pay more in tax than at any time in history; 41% of our incomes go to taxes in one form or another. Again, it doesn't matter who is in power, or what promises (i.e. lies) they make, they keep sucking your dollars at an accelerating rate.

So, what are we getting for all this 'public service'? Are you 77% happier than you were a decade or so ago? Are you 77% healthier? Do you feel 77% safer? Are your communities 77% more sustainable? Is the environment 77% cleaner?

But don't worry if none of those things is true, because 'the economy' is up by one percent! Outstanding job, Stephen, Dalton, and crew! The economy is doing great, it's just people that have tanked.

Politics is the only job where you can lie about what you will do, accomplish nothing, lie about what you actually did (usually in full-page feel-good newspaper ads or TV spots) and declare yourself a champion of the people. And get a gold-plated pension to boot, when we finally catch on and elect a different clown to run the circus.

As an organic farmer I shovel a lot of horse-poop, but I ain't got nothin' on Dalton and Stevey-boy!

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