See world-famous New Terra Farm animals here!

Well, we're just kidding about the world-famous part. Some of them are pretty cool, though. The ponies in the pictures are a breed called Lac la Croix; they are a Canadian heritage breed, and there are fewer than a hundred of them left (we have 5). New Terra Farm participates with other owners in a breeding program to try to preserve this hard-working farm pony.

The large, black pigs you will see are called (wait for it) . . . Large Blacks! They also are a heritage animal, and in danger of extinction.

The horned sheep are called (of course) Horned Dorsets, and are a traditional breed from England. One of their unique characteristics is that they will breed outside of the normal season i.e. fall. (So do I, but no one thinks that's remarkable!)

New Terra Farm is also home to heritage breeds of poultry. And we are working on acquiring more heritage and rare and endangered breeds farm livestock. If you would like to know more about endangered breeds, check out the Rare Breeds Canada web-site. They are supported by donations and members' dues, no government funding, so check them out and consider giving them your support.

On with the pictures! Click on the thumbnails below to open a larger image in a new page.

Our Lac la Croix mare and foal