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Plan 2: Free chicken coop plans for raising layers or meat birds. This plan is quite different from the first one; as presented it will accommodate a couple dozen or so laying hens.

It could also be adapted to raise a large number of birds on pasture. In this format, the coop itself would provide shelter only at night; a protected yard would be needed for daytime foraging for the birds. Note: this is very similar to how we raise hundreds of meat birds here at the farm (see the New Terra Farm Movable Coop here --------------------------------

Side note: I like getting stuff - ideas, free chicken coop plans, whatever - from folks that have actually done it. This gives some credibility to what they are telling you. This plan has actually been built and is in use, so it meets that criterion.


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Detailed instructions are provided for construction, as well as a complete list of materials. There is no actual plan provided, but there are several photos showing the coop and various components being constructed.

This design could best be described as 'robust'; it will produce a solid, quite heavy coop with strong structural members and a steel roof. The author himself discusses the virtues of a steel roof versus something lighter e.g. a poly tarp. There is no doubt this construction will last a long time and also be resistant to wind.

The design is an A-frame construction, which has the advantage of providing height for access to the coop. The author says A-frame construction is simple; this is partially true, although you still need strong framing and bracing to support the weight of this structure.

Regarding ease of construction, I would compare this to building a small garden shed. I would estimate a full day of construction for 2 people to build this coop, and several hundred dollars worth of material.

Some drawbacks with the design from my perspective include the heavy framing and bracing and the steel roof, which adds weight and cost. In my neck of the woods, steel roof sells for about $30 a 12-foot sheet (you could cut a 12-footer to make the 6-footers called for in the plan). Note the author discusses this as well in the article and does a good job of explaining his choices.

Overall this is a good design and a good presentation. The author discusses pro's and con's of this design knowledgeably and also provides good practical advice regarding construction e.g. always use screws and not nails for this kind of building (something we learned the hard way here at the farm).

Here's the link to this Free chicken coop plans for a large coop

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