Merrickville Goes Green - Exciting Events for 2011

We've got some great stuff lined up for 2011! First up, local community association Merrickville Goes Green will be hosting a celebration of Earth Hour to be held on Saturday March 26 at 8:15 p.m. at the Blockhouse Park.

Last year was a blast, drop by and come along with your friends and neighbours for a candlelight stroll through the village. "It's better to light one little candle than to curse . . . the price of hydro"!

Then, mark your calendars for May 14 as MGG will be hosting the “2nd Annual Eco-Fair – A Mother Earth Day Event" in the Baldachin Ballroom.

This year the Fair will be in three parts: First, come see and experience local exhibitors, vendors and presentations around the theme of all things 'green'. Learn what we all can do to create a more sustainable future, for ourselves and for our community, in a positive and upbeat way.

Second, local activist, author, environmentalist and master woodworker Mike Nickerson will be hosting a presentation and discussion about sustainability and what it really means for ourselves our community.

This is going to be a vital discussion as we go forward in a rapidly changing world. You don't want to miss Mike's insight on the systemic problems we all face and his innovative solutions. Check out some of Mike's work here

and third, the latest breaking news: We have confirmed that amazing bio/local/off-grid/eco guitarist Terry Tufts will be providing some tunes as part of this event. If anybody doesn't know, Terry is a multiple-award winning artist with 7 albums to his credit.

Terry has been doing this 'environmental gig' for decades, walking the walk and creating great music besides. Here's chance to see him live in our town. Check out Terry Tufts and his music here

Check back here regularly for more details, and watch April's Phoenix for an update about this event.

Becoming a vendor or exhibitor at the MGG Mother Earth Day event

If you want to be an exhibitor or vendor at the MGG Mother Earth day event, or if you want to help out (we can always use more volunteers), us the form below to contact us.

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Why go Green?

This is one of those classic 'good news/bad news' situations:

The bad news: the current world situation has had and will continue to have effects on our economic viability. Anything that impacts peoples' disposable income affects travel and tourism dollars, which in turn will affect the Village.

The good news: there has never been a higher profile and awareness of all things local and sustainable i.e. green.

The way ahead: create a Project Office to implement a 'green' approach to renewal to provide economic stimulus (get us some more of that dirty old money) while at the same time providing environmental benefits - in other words, build a green community!

Whew! Sounds impressive, huh?

What is this Sustainable Stuff, anyway?

Well, if we define efficiency as 'doing things right', and effectiveness as 'doing the right things', then sustainability is maintaining the capacity to do things right, and to do the right things.

This implies that, to be truly sustainable, green initiatives must pay their way, and in fact must enhance economic success i.e. generate us some CASH.

'Doing good by doing well' is the motto of sustainability in our Village Green Community!

OK I'm Interested, What 's Next?

Right now our focus is on a little bit of planning and a whole lot of action! We are looking at the 'best in show' examples of successful green initiatives in other communities, and we will shamelessly steal the best ideas we can find, that seem to make sense for the Village.

You can see some examples at this link Perth Transition Initiative

Some opportunities have already been identified, such as an innovative way to reduce the number of plastic bags we use in stores in the village. Done right, it will create a benefit for businesses and the environment. Expect to see more about that that real soon.

At the same time, we are working on putting the necessary structure in place to manage this puppy i.e. establishing priorities for action, acquiring resources (we need some of that dirty old money, too, plus facilities, equipment etc.), fleshing out our Communication Strategy to keep you in the loop and get your feedback, and a few other administrivia-type activities.

But our focus is on getting stuff done!

How can I Find Out More?

Well, the aforementioned Communication Strategy is still being developed; there will (shortly) be regular communiques to all residents, through a variety of media.

But in the meantime you can use the contact form below to ask questions or offer advice, or get involved in our organization.

All electrons you use will be recycled into other messages, so fire away!

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Merrickville Goes Green is a community association formed to assist in the exploration and implementation of volunteer and community development that promotes ‘Green Entrepreneurship’ and ethically-based, sustainable practices. Our motto is 'Eco-friendly steps towards a sustainable future'.