If You Gotta Fail, Fail BIG

I think it was about this time last year that I wrote about going after big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAG's), because who wants to fail at something mediocre! If you attempt something spectacular that could really change your life, at least you will have spectacular lessons learned, even if you fail.

BUT . . .

What if it all went RIGHT?
What if you achieved that impossible dream?
What if, after deciding and committing and working your butt off, the breaks went your way?

How cool would that be? How would your life be different if you achieved that BHAG? How many possibilities would open up for you? Where would you go, what experiences would you have, who would you meet?

Last question: What's stopping you?

Here's my answer: whenever I can't seem to make progress towards a goal, it's usually because of fear.

But not fear of failure. If I'm honest with myself, and really try to understand my feelings when I'm stalled on a project, the fear I feel is because of who I will have to become and how I will have to 'grow' to achieve that goal! I will have to 'step up' and become the person that is worthy of achieving that goal.

This means stepping out of your comfort zone. It means learning new ways of thinking and doing. And sometimes that's scary.

BUT . . . what if it all went right?

Behold the turtle in his shell; he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.

Happy New Year
Scott Kelland
New Terra Farm

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Oct 19, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 11, 2015
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Jan 03, 2011
Sometimes the right road is rocky
by: Scott K

That's a profound comment, those who do, DO I once read something by Joel Salatin (a personal hero), when asked how they got everything done on their farm, he replied 'we just do it!'

Congratulations on committing to your personal dream, you are doing good by trying to make a 'right living'. I've been broke too, but never felt 'poor' because I had the opportunity to pursue something I believed in. Hang in there, 2011 will be a great year.

Feel free to contact me at my personal email skelland@ripnet.com or call me 613 269-3884 if I can help.

Scott Kelland
New Terra Farm

Jan 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Your recent comment was on point for my partner and I. We are a new certified farm this this past year and are dead broke. Milestones many this past year, but still have the bloody nose. We have reached down deep to find the way to continue. We feel that we are making a difference, yet at the same time spinning our wheels. My saying " the difference between does that do and those that don't. Those who do -do and those who don't- don't". it is hard to face adversity, but if you do , then you have the self pride of knowing you have done something worth while and given back to the world. Thanks

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