"Info Product Dashboard" Review . . .

Learn how to create and sell valuable information products (even if you've never done it before)

I've been creating and selling information products for a number of years, and here's one thing I have learned: selling products is better than selling your time!

Why is this true? Because there is literally NO LIMIT to the number of products you can create and sell; whereas your time is limited to the 24 hours a day we all have. The books and software I sell from my website keep producing income 24 x 365, automatically without any intervention from me.

Which bring me to the Info-Product Dashboard; Marlon Sanders makes the claim that this is "the only point and click, step-by-step product creation system" that even absolute beginners can use to create valuable information products in 6 weeks or less, start to finish.

So when I heard about the Info-Product Dashboard I bought the Dashboard and tried it, to see if the claims are true.

I'm happy to report that Marlon Sanders has created an amazing product here. It really does 'take you by the hand' and show you how to create and sell a valuable information product all your own.

The Info Product Dashboard Point-and-Click Interface

The Info Product Dashboard

Follow weekly and daily tasks to create and sell your own info product

Here's what you can learn from The Info-Product Dashboard:

  • How to target a specific market for your info-product

  • How to find out which info-product your customers will buy

  • How to get experts to provide content to BUILD your info-product for you

  • Where to find FREE SOFTWARE to create and market your info-product

  • How to use audio and video like a pro

  • How to burn CDs of your info-product

  • How to get your info-product printed and orders fulfilled

  • How to manage orders and payments online
In short, you get step-by-step point and click directions to create and sell your own information product, start to finish in 6 weeks or less.

With the power of the Internet for marketing and distribution, information becomes the ultimate product; the Info Product Dashboard lets just about anyone take advantage of this opportunity.

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