Merrickville Goes Green 1st Annual Eco-Friendly Fair

by ScottK

Merrickville Goes Green is sponsoring a competition for artists in Merrickville-Wolford to design a 'green' logo for reusable shopping bags to be distributed in the village.

Local artists are asked to submit designs which reflect the ideals of local, sustainable, and ethically-based practices. The winning design will be chosen at the Merrickville Goes Green 1st Annual Eco-Friendly Fair to be held April 17 2010 at the Merrickville Community Centre. Visitors to the Fair will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite design.

The winning designer will receive a prize, as well as recognition for their artistic talents. Merrickville Goes Green has found a Canadian supplier to print the winning design on organic cotton shopping bags.

The Fair will also feature local vendors and exhibitors and several presentations on the theme of 'Green Living'.

SPECIAL NOTE TO ARTISTS AND VENDORS: If you are a vendor or an artist, here's your chance to get your wares in front of a happy hometown crowd!

Sign up here! Merrickville Eco-Friendly Fair

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