Organic food home delivery in Brockville

Welcome to Brockville, the ‘City of the Thousand Islands’; or in metric the 'City of one kilo-island'. The founding of the settlement that became the village of Brockville has its roots in the first wave of Loyalist refugees displaced from their homes during the years of the American Revolution, 1776-1783. But they are not bitter about that any more, but rather are happy Upper Canadians just like the rest of us.

In the summer of 1784, the first of these disbanded soldiers and their families began to land all along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, no doubt looking for a Timmie's. Little did they realize they were 2 centuries early! Happily, you can find fun stuff to do and see in Brockville today, the usual skiing, cruising, golfing but who cares? We want good organic food from farms and CSAs in Brockville! Avant!

Haedae Farms
Hubert Earl
9121 Peterson Rd
Addison ON
farm: 613 924-2052
store:613 269-4330

Hubert sells from the farmgate as well as a store in Merrickville