Find great organic food restaurants in Kemptville

Historical Kemptville, located on the South Branch of the Rideau River and home to Kemptville College. Kemptville, apparently you're 150 years old and haven't thought of a town slogan yet! Whassup with that?

Mayor Gooch, put those councillors to work, think up something catchy! You know, like Merrickville is the 'Jewel of the Rideau'. How about, 'Kemptville, pretty near the Jewel of the Rideau'. I'm pulling your leg, Kemptvillians, of course you all have a great sense of humour and can take a joke, right? And if you actually do have a town slogan, let me know and I will proudly display it here.

Anyway, on with the food news. See listings below for great organic food restaurants in Kemptville!

the branch restaurant

15 Clothier St East, Kemptville,
Ontario 613-258-3737


-vegetarian-friendly dishes

seasonally-appropriate menus

-uses local suppliers

Dinner Wed-Sat 5pm, Sun 2-8pm
Live Music on Weekends
Open Stage & Rubber Boots Buffet Sunday Afternoons
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

the branch describes itself as 'upscale casual' and I think that is about right. Suzie and I attended the Mother's Day brunch hosted by the branch; excellent buffet food, especially the lasagna. These are talented chefs and restaurateurs, folks so check them out when you are in Kemptville.

the branch restaurant