Find great organic food restaurants in Kingston!

Kingston, home to historic Fort Henry, the MacLachlan Woodworking Museum, and a whole bunch of historic and cultural-type places and activities. After all, Kingston is the First Capital of United Canada. Thrilling stuff!

But, we're weak from hunger as a result of all that historic touring. Where do we find a good organic food restaurant in historic yet modern, beautiful yet humble, (yada yada yada) Kingston? See interesting info below.

The Sleepless Goat

91 Princess St,
Kingston, Ontario

Ya gotta love the name! Conjures up pictures of an insomniac quadruped, no doubt kept awake by serious goat concerns or a bad (Capricorn) horoscope. And their web-site is charming, lots of principles and policies of operation.

The official name is 'The Sleepless Goat Cafe Workers Co-operative', so these are sensible, fair, committed people. They describe themselves as a 'safe, accessible, child-friendly, environmentally conscious, pro-feminist, anti-facist (sic), class conscious(?), queer-positive space'.

Despite that, they seem to have retained a sense of humour. I was worried when I saw they had an official 'art and music policy', in which art pieces to be displayed in the restaurant are selected by 'consensus of the workers', but their policy goes on to say 'Art that extols the virtues of tipping well is A-OK.'. Cool!

Anyway, back to the food:

- They are organic
- They are vegan-vegetarian friendly
- They use local suppliers

I'm gonna check them out next time I'm in Kingston doing historic stuff. Stay tuned for a review. If you have eaten at The Sleepless Goat, and would like to share the experience, submit a restaurant review and we'll post it for the world to see.