Find great organic food restaurants in Merrickville!

Ah, Merrickville, Jewel of the Rideau and a winner of the Communities in Bloom competition. But do we care about that? No! We're hungry and looking for good healthy food at an organic food restaurant. After all, you can't eat 'historic buildings' or 'small town hospitality'. And most of those d**n flowers aren't edible, either! (I'm jesting of course, just in case the Chamber of Commerce is looking).

See listings below for organic food restaurants in Merrickville.

Serendipity Bistro

106 Main St. W Merrickville,
Ontario K0G 1N0
613 269-2017


-vegetarian-friendly dishes

seasonally-appropriate menus

-uses local suppliers

This is a new listing for Merrickville. I've spoken recently to the owner (Tara) and I believe they are opening soon. This will be one of my first stops for a restaurant review. I don't care how much great food I have to pig out on - um, I mean 'thoughtfully consume' to bring you the 411, I'm willing to make the sacrifice!

Tara and her chef have set themselves a '100 km challenge' i.e. all restaurant ingredients will be sourced within a 100-km radius of the Bistro. This is ambitious and admirable, drop in for a bite (call ahead to check opening, hours, etc)