Raising Meat Chickens - Higher Average Weight

by Scott K

Just got the last batch of meat chickens back from the abattoir, (49 out of 50) and the average weight was almost a full pound more than a batch I did earlier this year!

Now I have to go check feed consumption and see how much this extra weight cost. They finished in about the same time as the other meat birds, so I need to do a little investigation to find out why the big difference.

Lesson for today, there is ALWAYS something new to learn on a small farm ;)

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Raising Meat Chickens
by: Jo'Anne

I have been raising meat birds for three years now and I have yet to have a batch of chickens weigh in the same. Spring time was awful for me. Tiny chickens and the appointment was already made at the processing plant so I couldn't cancel.

I am giving up gardening to spend more time with my chickens. There is just not enought time to tend to a garden. The second and third batch were very nice and customers seemed a lot happier with the product.

I have had lots of issues with temperature fluctuation and wet damp weather. I need to look at my set up to see what I can do to make it better so that next year I have less loss and better growth. I even had a hard time with ducklings. Last year they were great. It's always a learning process.

If anyone has any organic chicken and turkey available please let me know. I have a few customers looking for meat. I have run out for this year.

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