Raising meat chickens outdoors in a tent?

by jan

Can I use a tent just a regular family camping style to shelter about 25 birds in their fenced yard, after they no longer need a heat light and are ready to move outdoors?

They would have shade trees and protective netting above. I thought this could work since I only need to keep them about two months. My laying hens have deluxe accommodations,but I don't want to mix them.

ANSWER: Wow, interesting idea! Raising meat chickens outdoors using a tent for night-time shelter would probably work. This assumes the birds have access to the outside in the day-time, and that the area is secure from predators.

If they are kept inside you should have a minimum of 4-5 square feet per bird, so this would have to be a fairly large tent for 25 birds.

The tent would have to be well secured against strong winds and rains, and you will need to move the tent a few times as poop will accumulate.

Alternatively you could add bedding - e.g. straw or shavings - every few days.

Also, if the tent has a floor, I would remove it.

If you haven't raised meat birds before, on the morning the birds are to go to the abattoir keep them inside; it makes them much easier to catch and load.

cool idea, best of luck with the chicken raising,

Scott Kelland
New Terra Farm

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