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Bootstrap Market Gardening
Bootstrap Market Gardening Pack sells separately for $9.97.

Raise Meat Chickens Movable Coop
How to Raise Meat Chickens Bonus Pack includes Pigs on Pasture and sells separately for $9.97.

Raise Pigs on Pasture

Movable Coop

Special 60-Minute Audio Teleseminar a $37 value available ONLY with this deal

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Hi, fellow bootstrappers. This page is a little long, but you might save a few bucks if you get through it. You can get my Complete Start Farming Pack as shown above, via instant download,for $17.

Note that all the books, plans, software and audio in The Complete Start Farming Pack would sell separately for more than $50, so this is a pretty good deal, more than 60% off.

Right up front I want you to know I can ONLY do this by way of electronic delivery; that is, 'Bootstrap Market Gardening', 'Pigs on Pasture', 'How to Raise Meat Chickens' and the 'Movable Coop Plan Book' plus the bonuses, software and audio will be delivered via immediate download. No physical books will be shipped.

If I had to pass along the cost of printing, binding, packaging, CD duplication and postage to you, it would cost you double this special price. This way, you get all this valuable information immediately, no waiting for 'snail mail', and save a bundle at the same time.

If that is OK with you, read on to find out exactly what you get with this special deal.

happy farming,

Scott Kelland
New Terra Farm

Farming is real work! BUT, you can work smart. We've been doing this for more than a decade, and we still have days when it seems there's more to do than time to do it.

And sometimes, there's too much month at the end of the money! What to do?

Now, I'm an inquisitive kind of guy, I love research and figuring out problems - most of my work experience was as a programmer and business consultant. So how did I find an answer to increasing farm income without a lot more work?

Here's a hint: it's easier to sell more things to a customer you already have, than to get more customers.

This is how we work at New Terra Farm; our three main enterprises - the Bootstrap organic market garden, our meat bird flock, and our pigs on pasture - all work together to actually improve our garden soil and our pastures, as well as our cash flow.

And, because our garden customers already know us (and love our fresh, delicious veggies), they are eager to buy our free-range organic pork and chicken, too. Most years, all our pork and chicken is 'spoken for' before we even raise it! No more sales work required. I'm not crazy about being a salesman, so anything that makes that part easier is a good thing!

Using the methods in my books, you can raise healthy, nutritious pork and chicken, in humane conditions, in just minutes a day. This means you still have time to work your garden, and can even farm part-time while you keep your 'day job'

If you want to find out how to efficiently start-up and manage a mixed organic farm, take advantage of this special offer. My "Farm in a Box" Complete Start Farming Pack contains my three best small farm business books:

** Bootstrap Market Gardening, plus ALL the bonuses: a $9.97 value ;

**How to Raise Meat Chickens, plus free plans for my Movable Coop, PLUS Pigs on Pasture: a $9.97 value

PLUS the training audio bonus, available only with this special offer - see below.

Total value of this package, including the audio is over $50. But you can get the Complete Start Farming Pack for just $17; this is my best special offer.

Bootstrap Market Gardening
Bootstrap Market Gardening Pack

Raise Meat Chickens Movable Coop
How to Raise Meat Chickens Combo Pack

Raise Pigs on Pasture
Pigs on Pasture

Movable Coop

Special 60-Minute Audio Teleseminar

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About the FREE bonus 60-Minute Small Farm Marketing and Management Teleseminar . . .

I recently got together with Samantha Klinck, the owner of successful Funny Duck Farms to discuss starting-up, marketing and managing a small mixed organic farm. The result is this 60-minute audio recording of a live teleseminar we conducted earlier this year (the live seminar cost $97, by the way).

As well as selling pastured pork and organic chicken, Samantha and her husband Aaron have developed a line of value-added herbal products that they sell at a number of local market, and over the internet, all while raising three small kids on their homestead!

Samantha is a born entrepreneur and a great speaker, you will be fascinated with her perspectives on what it takes to make small family farm successful and competitive in today's world.

In this 60-minute audio (mp3 format so you can play it on your computer or portable device) Samantha and I discuss the realities and the practicalities of small farm living in the 21st century. And while we are both committed to organic and sustainable methods of production, you will hear two quite different perspectives based on out different experiences in creating a successful small farm.

60-Minute Telseminar Available ONLY is the Premium Start Farming Pack

This special Bonus Teleseminar is available only with the Premium Start Farming pack. Learn how to grow an organic market garden, and a batch of pigs and a flock meat birds organically and sustainably on a fraction of an acre, using our methods!

And get the 'real dirt' on owning and operating a profitable small farm, in the 60-minute audio jointly produced by New Terra Farm and Funny Duck Farms. (By the way, Funny Duck Farms doesn't raise ducks! Samantha says that's the 'funny' part!)

Before you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in your small farm dream, get the Start Farming Pack and see if this business is for you.

Get the Complete Start Farming Pack via Instant Download

When you click on the 'add to cart' button below you will receive a download link for ALL the books, software, bonuses and the free AUDIO BONUS. You can start reading and planning your own small farm dream right away.

Bootstrap Market Gardening
Bootstrap Market Gardening Pack $9.97.

Raise Meat Chickens Movable Coop
How to Raise Meat Chickens Bonus Pack w/ pigs on Pasture$9.97.

Raise Pigs on Pasture
Pigs on Pasture.

Movable Coop

Special 60-Minute Audio Teleseminar $37

NOW Get ALL the New Terra Farm books PLUS the 60-minute Audio Teleseminar for just $17 via instant download. That's about what you would pay for a good-quality garden spade. Click on 'Add to Cart' to get started!

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"I'm super excited to have found your website; I no longer have to go to multiple websites to find the info I've been looking for as you have it all in one spot. Thank you! The "Complete Start Farming Pack" is very informative info for us small scale wannabe farmers!"

Angie Roberge
Ontario, Canada

Market gardening, pastured pork, and raising meat chickens are great complementary businesses for your small farm.

And your market garden customers will be delighted to buy your free-range organic chicken and pastured pork (ours are!)

Get a great deal of practical information, and a GREAT DEAL!

Get all the books and bonuses shown below, PLUS the exclusive audio . . .

Bootstrap Market Gardening is my step by step guide to starting-up, marketing and managing a successful CSA market garden.

This is the book based on the small farm marketing and management model that won New Terra Farm the Premier's Award for Agri-food Innovation excellence.

Get the Bootstrap Market Gardening book and 3 bonuses as part of the Start Farming Pack and save.

Meat chickens might be the perfect livestock animal for your small farm. You can raise premium pastured poultry using my methods, and put food in your freeze and some money in your wallet.

The "How to Raise Meat Chickens and Movable Coop Plan Book Bonus Pack" sells separately for $9.97 but get them all in the Start Farming Pack and save.

Raising pigs on pasture is a natural for the organic market gardener. Use the pigs to prepare your garden area, turn up soil and eat weeds and roots, and fertilize as they go!

Use the methods in my book to raise your pigs easily and safely; keep the pigs where you want them, and out of where you don't!

My "Pigs on Pasture" is included in the Start Farming Pack!

And, as a special bonus, get the "60-Minute Small Farm Marketing and Management Telseminar", a $37 value, included as well!

It all adds up: you can see why the Premium Start Farming Pack is a great value:

But you can get them ALL for just $17 and only from New Terra Farm.

OK, what exactly do I get in the Complete Start Farming Pack?

  1. The Bootstrap Market Gardening Book

  2. The Bootstrap Market Garden Planner

  3. The Bootstrap Cashflow Planner

  4. The Guide to Pest Control in the Organic Garden

  5. The Raising Pigs on Pasture book

  6. The How to Raise Meat Chickens book

  7. The Movable Coop Plan book

  8. 60-Minute Small Farm Marketing and Management Audio Teleseminar

Get all these books and ALL THE BONUSES in our 'Farm in a Box' Complete Start Farming Pack. This is the best price you will see for these books and valuable bonuses, available only from New Terra Farm.

These books are not 'theory' or junk that was downloaded from the Internet. Every one of these information tools was created by me, here on the farm. They are based on my experience and learning acquired over 10 years of operating New Terra Farm. Take advantage of my experience in starting your own small farm.

Get all the practical information you need to launch three complementary businesses on your small farm for $103.50 $54.50 just $17 for all EIGHT products listed here.

And, like always you can buy my books securely and risk-free with my one-full-year, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

My Personal Guarantee: Buy any of my books and and study them for up to one full year. If you aren't absolutely excited and already planning your own small farm business, or are unsatisfied for any reason, I'll return your payment, no questions asked.

"Are you willing to invest $17 in YOURSELF"?

YES! I want to own ALL the New Terra Farm books at this fantastic discount. I want to get started right away on building my own sustainable organic small farm.

I want ALL THE FREE BONUSES, including the Special 60-minute Audio and I understand I have a full year to get started on my own small farm business.

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REMINDER: The Bootstrap Pack, How to Raise Chickens, the Movable Coop Plans, and Pigs on Pasture are e-books. When your purchase is complete you will be taken to a secure site to download the Start Farming Pack including all the bonuses right away; you can get started farming right away, no waiting for a physical book to be shipped.

p.s. You may be wondering why I am offering such a big discount on these books. Here's the reason: I have a vision of a network of small family farms across the country, feeding and in turn supported by their local communities. One of my goals here on the farm is to encourage new organic growers whenever I can. For example, I have supported and trained and helped launch two other organic farmers in my area.

And I am absolutely delighted whenever I hear that someone who bought one of my books has started their own successful small farm business (and it's happened quite a few times.)

So here's the deal: I give you a nice discount on the books, and you contact me and let me know how it goes with your own Bootstrap Farm.

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