Vegetable garden plans designed for RESULTS

These pages present vegetable garden plans based on our experience in growing fresh organic vegetables for more than 90 families. The gardening 'secret weapons' we use in our organic market garden - i.e. really effective tools and techniques - are also useful to the home gardener.

Remember why you wanted your own backyard vegetable garden (before it became too complicated?)

  • The satisfaction of growing your own food

  • The chance to connect back to the soil

  • An opportunity to teach your kid where food REALLY comes from, and (best of all)

  • Getting food that is fresher, healthier, BETTER than you can buy!

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You can get lots of nutrition (and great tasting veggies) for minimum effort from your back yard garden, if you follow the right home vegetable garden plan. And (bonus) we estimate the value of food produced by any of our home vegetable garden plans to be hundreds of dollars! If you are going to have a garden, you might as well get the most value you can.

The garden plans presented here are based on gardening experience we gathered in operating a successful market garden over the last few years. They take up little space but provides a lot of food from super nutritious vegetables.

We plan each garden to produce enough food for fresh eating for 2 people for a season. If you have more than that in your family, just increase the size of the garden proportionately e.g. for 4 people grow a garden twice as big (or grow 2 gardens)

How did we select the veggies for our home vegetable garden plans?

  1. they are high nutrition

  2. they produce a large quantity of food per given area

  3. they are not difficult to grow

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How to create your own home vegetable garden plan

How do you fit all that growing in a small home vegetable garden? All it takes is a little bit of planning and some consistent attention. Here's some more information you will need to plan your home vegetable garden.

You can grow our home vegetable gardens just about anywhere that has good sun and good drainage, but a spot near your house will probably be most convenient. Here's what you need to know about selecting a site for your home vegetable garden

Most home garden plans will require you to start most seeds indoors, for later transplanting into the garden. This will give you a jump on the season. Here's how to start seeds for your home vegetable garden

My vegetable garden plans have been designed with easy care in mind. It should take no more than 1 hour a week to keep your garden thriving. Here's where you learn how to care for your home vegetable garden

Do you own a bunch of gardening books but still don't have a garden? There's good news: here's all the things you don't need to know to grow your own super garden:

  • You do not need to know the history of gardening from the beginning of civilization!

  • You do not need to know the Latin names for plants!

  • You do not need a degree in soil science!

All you need is simple, straight-forward information: WHAT vegetables to grow, WHEN and WHERE to plant them, and HOW to care for them.

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