We all create our own reality - how's that working for you?

I believe in a few things; I believe in the importance of a sustainable, local food supply. I believe in the power of the Internet to put control of their own lives in the hands of individuals, like never before in history. I believe we are all here to learn and grow in the service of others. But most of all, I believe we create everything we experience in our lives, every day.

You may have heard that before; its been said by many 'gurus' over the years, and its the main message in the very popular DVD movie The Secret (I bought 5 copies of that, by the way, and gave them to people I thought would appreciate the message.)

I have seen this demonstrated in my own life many times. I can't tell you the number of 'miracle saves' that I have experienced, especially in the last few years as I have explored the idea that we attract what we focus on.

Now, the life of an entrepreneur has its ups and downs; I have occasionally referred to my lifestyle as being 'self un-employed'. You often trade predictability for the right to chart your own course, and make your own decisions (and mistakes). In some of those 'downs', I had no idea of the right course of action to 'fix' things.

But I have learned to try to steer clear of the stress and the blame and the 'woe is me' lamenting; instead I focus on asking for an answer to be made apparent to me .

Now a reasonable question might be, 'who am I asking'? I have honestly not tried to name the 'higher power' that my intention is directed at. Maybe the name isn't as important as the idea of asking.

Asking for guidance means you are acknowledging you don''t have all the answers. It means you are open to new ideas, new ways, even if that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Here's the other part of the equation - you need to take action based on the answer you receive. Understand, I don't believe that my problems will be magically solved for me by 'wishing'.

I do believe that sometimes, I will be given a course of inspired action to help me solve my problems (or reach my goals) myself.

If you have goals you aren't reaching, or problems you can't seem to solve (only about 97.2% of the world's population fall into this category), try stepping back and asking for inspiration. At the very least it will get your mind off dwelling on the problem, and start it looking for solutions. Then take action!

p.s. on December 29 you are going to get a chance to hear me talk about some of these topics in a radio interview, which will be available over the Internet. Details to follow . . .

Merry Christmas,

Scott Kelland

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