Bear Essentials Survival Food Review

bear essentials palletdFrom 15-day to a one-year Bear Essentials Survival food supply

The Brand. Bear Essentials Survival is a Michigan-based, veteran-owned small business established in 2020. All their products are made in the USA, with a shelf-life of up to 25 years.

They take a little different approach to survival food supplies, providing basic staples like beans, rice, pasta and rolled oats that can provide a pretty complete diet and also supplement the goodies from your garden.

The Product.  "Bear Essentials Survival 15 Day Food Supply”.

I’m a fan of bulk survival foods; they are generally cheaper to purchase and meal variety is limited only by your recipe bank.

One box of Bear Essentials Survival Food Supply will provide one person 2,000 calories a day for 15 days. Bear Essentials offers the option of purchasing multiple boxes to provide a 30-day, 90-day, 4-month, or one-year food supply.

Bear Essentials Survival Food Review - The Nitty-Gritty Details

Packaging and Presentation. The product is shipped in a cardboard box, weighing just under 20 lbs. The contents are wrapped in individual waterproof Mylar bags.The bags are heavy-duty and well sealed.

Depending on your storage location, you might consider something sturdier than the cardboard box for long-term storage. The contents of one box will fit in a 5-gallon bucket for safer storage and easier portability.

Bear Essentials BagsBear Essentials Survival uses heavy-duty Mylar bags

The Contents. Each box contains:

  • White rice: two 80 oz bags, 51 servings per bag
  • Black beans: 32 oz, 26 servings
  • Macaroni: 39 oz , 20 servings
  • Rolled oats: 39 oz, 25 servings
  • Pancake mix: 20 oz, 16 servings

For a total of 189 servings delivering just over 30,000 calories.

Nutritional Value. As you might expect from an all-plant based box, protein content is a little low. That said, the combination of beans, rice and pasta (flour) provide a surprisingly-complete nutritional profile, and some of the highest nutrition-per-calorie ratios of any food.

bear essentials nutrition

Taste and Quality. These are basic food stuff that need to be prepared (cooked) to consume. Taste will depend on the seasonings, condiments, flavorings etc. that you add. 

Bear Essentials Survival provides a 'born' date for this product, and the packaging should assure long-term quality.

Ease of Preparation. These foods need from a few minutes to 1-2 hours to prepare. You will need to provide water and a source of heat.

Value for Money. The Bear Essentials Survival Food Supply box is one of the cheapest 'done-for-you' long-storage food kits I've seen.  On my last price check, the 15-day food supply box was $92.99. That works out to less than $0.50 per serving, or about $6 per 2,000 calories.

Bear Essentials Survival Food Review - The Wrap-Up

Final Recommendation. This product is a great deal at the price. The assortment of food and the 25-year shelf life provide excellent value. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly as well. You could assemble our own version of these foods at less cost, but the convenience can't be beat.

The supplier offers free shipping to the lower 48 on orders over $299, and a solid return policy. The 90-day food supply (6 boxes) sells for $546.99.

See the other Bear Essentials Survival purchase options here.

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