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Get a great Farm Software Bundle - without spending a bundle!

BRAND NEW! For the first time, we've assembled all the key spreadsheets that we built to support farm and business planning into one farm software bundle. Here's a chance to get these tools, previously sold separately with our books and courses, all together at a great price.

All the BEST of our farm planning and management spreadsheets

What's in the Farm Software Bundle?

You get the 5 most popular and (we think) useful spreadsheets to help you manage your farm and your business. Here's the list:

1. Harvest Schedule and Value Calculator

This is the spreadsheet we use to help figure out prices and quantities of crops we plan for the upcoming season. When you get a handle on that, you can plug the information into the

2. Bootstrap Garden Planner 

The Garden Planner will help you schedule your plantings, and calculate how much space you will need for your garden. We use this one A LOT in the spring.

Another important tool is the

3. Gross Sales Calculator

This farm software helps us figure out the value of each customer, and how many customers we need to make our sales and net income goals.

To keep track of income, expenses and cash-flow, we use the

4. Farm Budget Planner

And finally, to produce income and profit and loss reports for business planning and year-end reporting, we use the

5. Projected Income and Expense Calculator

This farm software also automatically generates a

6. Profit and Loss Statement

That makes 6 valuable reports included in the Farm Software bundle. Each was developed, tested and used here on New Terra Farm.

Each comes with instructions for use, and is customizable by the user i.e. YOU!

OK, how do I get my hands on this bundle?

Just $10.00 for all 5 software tools

Just CLICK on 'add to cart' below, and the farm software bundle, including all the spreadsheets and instructions,  will be on its way to you. You can download the entire bundle for $13.50.

We've spent literally hundreds of hours developing, using and testing these software tools. We still them in our farm operations. And you can take advantage of our experience for just a few bucks.


Note: these are the latest and most useful versions of software I've used on the farm for more than a decade. Each has been through multiple iterations of build-use-improve to deliver the products in this bundle.

And each has proven useful to me in building my garden, and my business.

P.S. as with all my books and bundles, I offer a full 1-year guarantee.

If you are not satisfied for any reason with your farm software bundle, you can return it at any time up to 12 full months from purchase.

Happy growing,

Scott Kelland

New Terra Farm