What can you do on your small property to get some REAL security... and make an extra income?

Build a Real Business with my "Start Farming Bundle"

Dear fellow grower,

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Why You Should Consider An UPGRADE to My "Complete Start Farming Pack"

The Complete Start Farming Pack, only from New Terra Farm!

This amazing bundle includes:

  • My 'Bootstrap Greenhouse' book including plans to build the THREE styles of greenhouses we use on the farm;
  • My 'How to Raise Meat Chickens' book plus Bonus Plans plans to build TWO styles of portable chicken coops;
  • My 'Raise Pigs on Pasture' Book, plus my brand-new Porkulator software to help you figure out costs and profits for your premium pastured pork;

AND, it includes my 'Bootstrap Market Gardening' and the TWO bonus planning spreadsheets.

All this PLUS several more bonuses; a total of 15 valuable farming resources, a $67.75 value  all for just $37.

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It's a Complete System 

Here's  how we work at New Terra Farm; our four main enterprises - the Bootstrap Organic Market Garden, our meat bird flock, our pigs on pasture, and our Bootstrap Greenhouse - all work together to actually improve our garden and our pastures, as well as our cash flow.

And, because our garden customers already know us (and love our fresh, delicious veggies), they are eager to buy our free-range organic pork and chicken.

Most years, all our pork and chicken is 'spoken for' before we even raise it! No more sales work required. I'm not crazy about being a salesman, so anything that makes that part easier is a good thing!

Using the methods in my Complete Start Farming Pack, you can raise healthy, nutritious pork and chicken in humane conditions, in just minutes a day.

You can build one (or ALL!) of my Bootstrap Greenhouses to extend your growing season - and your income!

This means you still have time to work your garden, and can even farm part-time while you keep your 'day job' .

Picture building multiple farm enterprises even on a small property!

If you want to find out how to efficiently start-up and manage a small mixed organic farm, take advantage of this special offer.

I call this my "Farm in a Box". The Complete Start Farming Pack contains my three best small farm business books, PLUS, plans to build my three Bootstrap Greenhouses, AND a bunch of bonuses!


"Sounds like a good deal, but I need to know more before I decide to buy. . ."

Here's what's in my "Complete Start Farming Pack":

Sells separately for $27

Bootstrap Market Gardening is your step by step guide to building a successful, sustainable market garden business based on CSA principles.

My latest edition also includes the Bootstrap Training Workbooks and software.

Get all three valuable resources with Bootstrap Market Gardening.

Sells separately for $9.95

Bootstrap Birdies! This is the newest edition of How to Raise Meat Chickens, now with TWO bonus chicken coop plans:

  • the original Movable Coop, and;
  • the New Terra Farm Hoop Coop. 

Book and software sells separately for $9.95

Bootstrap Bacon!  Raising pigs is a great complement to your market garden. Piggies will root up the soil and clean up garden waste, turning old veggies into delicious organic PREMIUM PORK.

My latest edition also includes my fabulous Porkulator spreadsheet. I couldn't find a tool to help me calculate costs and profits for my pastured piggies, so I had to create one

Sells separately for $9.95

My latest Bootstrap Book! I wrote this book to show how ANYBODY can build and manage a small greenhouse, quickly and cheaply.

You get plans for my THREE greenhouse designs, with photos and instructions. PLUS two bonus reports!

And, a couple MORE bonuses!

There's even more. When I taught the Bootstrap Boot Camp Success Plan course to a group of new farmers and growers, I developed 4 additional pieces of software to help them manage their farm businesses. 

In the Business Software Bundle you get the following valuable items:

  • The Farm Budget Planner
  • The Harvest Schedule and Value Calculator
  • The Gross Sales Calculator
  • The Projected income and Expense Calculator

This software bundle sells separately for $9.95, but I'm including it in the Complete Start Farming pack as an added special bonus.

This brings the total value of this deal to $66.80, but you still pay just $37 to get the Complete Pack.

There are 15 separate books, bonuses, and farm planning and management spreadsheets in the Complete Start Farming Pack. That means you pay less than 3 bucks each.

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Try My Complete Start Start Farming Pack Completely Risk-Free

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Scott Kelland

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