PIGS. . IN. . SP-A-A-A-C-E! (no, not really)

"Sell Premium Pork From Raising Pigs on Pasture"

Raising pigs on pasture is a great business for the small land owner! With the right system, there is minimum overhead, low labor requirements, and no long-term commitment.

Raising weaner pigs on pasture to finish weight offers a great opportunity for a small farmer to diversify farm income without a huge investment in facilities or time.

At New Terra Farm we have been raising piggies this way for 10 years. We have raised tons of premium pork for our freezer and our farm customers.

We use our piggies to renovate pasture, prepare land for planting, and for fall cleanup in our market garden. Pigs are multi-purpose farm livestock, once you have a system to handle them.

The pork produced from pastured pigs is a premium product; we easily sell all we can raise to our CSA customers, at a price we set to guarantee a profit. Once people get a sample of what REAL pork tastes like, they will come back year after year.

Now get "Pigs on Pasture" from New Terra Farm

If you have as little as 1/5 of an acre, you can raise pigs on pasture the New Terra Farm way. Our system lets you produce healthy, organic, and delicious pork:

  • without a large investment in equipment

  • without a lot of time or expense

  • without polluting or damaging your land; in fact we use our pigs to improve our land!

We will show you step-by-step how to raise pigs on pasture to put meat in your freezer (and money in your wallet!) This is a great family business, too. The kids can help out with chores and even raise pastured pork as a summertime job to earn extra money. Our system is easy enough for kids to follow it successfully.

What do you get in "Pigs on Pasture"?

We put in everything we have learned in 12 years on raising pigs on pasture here at New Terra Farm. The result is a simple but comprehensive system to market and manage your pastured pigs, sustainably and profitably.

Pigs on Pasture cover

Here's what's in the book:

  • Introduction: Raising pigs on your small farm
  • Key Features of our Pastured Pork Model
  • Getting Started
  • Planning – How many pigs should you start with?
  • Pork Raising Production Schedule
  • Marketing – How will you sell your piggies?
  • Management – Where to raise your Piggies
  • Management – Sources and supplies
  • Find a source for your weaner pigs
  • Get your equipment and supplies
  • Management - Find a Feed Supplier
  • Finding an abattoir
  • Production - Getting Set Up in the Field
  • Setting up your electric fence
  • Production – Bringing home the weaner pigs
  • Production - Feeding your piggies
  • Measuring your Pig
  • Relocating the pigloo and the pen
  • Troubleshooting Your Piggies
  • Production – Shipping your Pigs
  • Using a trap box to load your pigs
  • Loading pigs with a ramp
  • Off to the abattoir!
  • What do you get back from the abattoir?
  • Pastured Pork-Enomics – Costs and profits
  • Equipment Costs (fixed costs)
  • Weaners, Feed and Supplies (variable costs)
  • Calculating your profit
  • What can you sell your pigs for?
  • Conclusion
  • ANNEX A – Sample Pork Cutting Order Form
"Pigs on pasture" is the actual record of the system we have used successfully for 10 years to raise delicious pastured pork. All the instructions, the photos, and the examples used are from right here at New Terra Farm - no theories, just practical pig-raising advice.

Aug 15 2015 - get pigs on Pasture as a Bonus Book

"Pigs on Pasture" is now a Bonus Book in the "How to Raise Meat Chickens" Bonus Pack. Check it out here