If you're not sure how you would feed yourself and your family in a protracted emergency...

If you believe a secure food supply is fundamental to any survival plan...

If you have about a dozen garden books, but no garden...

...then you would probably appreciate a guide that puts a REAL Survival Garden within your reach starting right NOW!

If it all hits the fan, Job #1 is to feed yourself and your family. If you are able to grow a significant portion of your own food, you are that much more likely to survive and thrive.

Fortunately, growing a real food garden is not that hard to do. What is hard is not knowing the steps to take to make it happen. 

What if you spend time and money and it doesn't work?  You can get stuck in 'analysis paralysis'. 

Here's how to get 'unstuck': you follow a step-by-step plan to grow a garden that will feed you in times of uncertainty.

The best time to learn how to grow a lot of food is 'before you have to'.

You can be ready to grow your survival garden in just a couple days.

There is a simple approach to grow a LOT of food - that a I wish I knew when I started gardening for REAL. 

OK look; I am NOT a born gardener. I'm a computer programmer by training. My dad was an electronics technician. I did not grow up around gardening.

I was married, had a couple kids, a good job, and was generally a busy guy.

I didn't see the need to take on a garden.

But then something unforeseen happened. 

You might be old enough to remember a little thing called Y2K.

A Lesson From Y2K...

Oh noes! We all gonna die!

So you probably remember the premise of Y2K; the world is going to end because algorithms that run computers all over the world won't be able to handle date functions shortly after the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 1999.

Since I was a computer guy and a business process guy,  I got  hired by a number of federal departments to create business continuity plans to keep government operations running if the compost actually hit the fan.

On day one, a  funny thing happened. I was reviewing a set of plans developed by a manager for one of these departments.

This guy had thought of everything ; he had planned for office space, computers, back-up power, satellite phones, secure vehicles and parking, etc etc.

He had covered it all . . . . except for FOOD!

He had not factored in so much as a coffee pot for this 'extended stay'.

Right about there I decided I would not depend on the 'gummint' to feed me and mine.

I used to be this guy

So in June 2000 I took some of the money I made 'fixing' Y2K, and bought New Terra Farm.

Then I became this guy. He's a happier guy.

And then I started learning how to feed myself and my family if worst came to worst.

Yeah, I learned how to grow stuff

Introducing 'Bootstrap Survival Garden'

From page 12 of Bootstrap Survival Garden:

"What do you need to know to grow a productive garden"?

WHAT. What are the best vegetables to grow for maximum payback for my time and money? See the Core 4 and Great 8.

And what tools and techniques do I use to make that happen? See Tools and Techniques

WHERE. Where do I place my garden in my yard to get optimum growing conditions? Or if optimum conditions don’t exist, how do I create them? See Site and Soil

WHEN. When do I start seeds and when can I plant outdoors? See Seed Starting Schedule

HOW. How do I start seeds, and transplant them, and care for and protect my plants? See Seed Starting in Chapter III.


  • Multiple plans to grow a subsistence i.e. survival diet

  • How to grow, store, and save your crops for replanting
  • How to make efficient use of time and space
  • How this plan fits in with other preps.


All about the Gardener's WWF - Weeding, Watering and Feeding to produce a bountiful harvest.

In short, this book is packed full of extensive practical information on crop choices, tools to use, and growing, harvesting and preserving food and seeds to create your own survival garden.

It's the book I wish I had way back in June 2000 when Suzie and I started this adventure.  

But can't I just store food to get through a crisis?

Food is fundamental to any survival plan. I'm sure we agree on that.

But is a survival garden necessary? Can't we just store up food to get through a crisis?

Storing food is an excellent idea, New Terra Farm has cold storage for onions, potatoes, carrots, beets and garlic, warmer storage areas for sweet potatoes and winter squash, and about 200 jars of preserves in our pantry, plus 4 freezers full of beef, chicken, turkey and pork.

But being able to produce your own food is critical to long-term survival.

Fall and winter stores. But you gotta grow it before you stow it!

Food Security Starts With a REAL Garden

Bootstrap Survival Garden and bonus Plan Book - $25

Suzie and I learned how to feed ourselves one step at a time. We started with growing a substantial portion of our own food in our garden.

We wanted to learn how to grow a lot of calories, and provide robust nutrition, in a sustainable and efficient manner.

We put the lessons we learned into Bootstrap Survival Garden.

Get it plus my bonus 'Survival Garden Plan' book

You might not think you have enough land for a substantial, practical garden. I gotchu fam! I'm including my Survival Garden Plan Book with layouts and plans for gardens from 1,000 to 5,000 square feet. Even a modest back yard (or rented plot) can accommodate one of my plans.

I've included 10 garden layouts in different sizes to accommodate your space and your preferences.

They include crop choices, bed layout and suggestions for crop rotation to maintain soil fertility and keep the harvest coming year after year.

This is farm-tested, real-world practical information that you can take and start planning your next season's Survival Garden right away.

Here's a simple garden layout

Simple, sustainable small garden layout

This simple design lets you grow 12 important staple food crops and easily supports crop rotation (explained in the book) to keep the garden producing. If you have a limited area (this design fits in a 25'x40' space) this is a good flexible design to produce a LOT of food, season after season.

Or You Can Be a Little More Creative...

Our personal small garden for 2020

This was our personal small 'experimental garden' for 2020. This layout is 35' x 35', about 1,200 square feet. And that includes our little farm-built Cattle Panel Palace hoop house.

We Show You How to Apply Advanced Gardening Techniques (with easy to understand - and COPY - examples) 

Learn what the pro's do to ensure a successful crop. If you have always wanted to 'upgrade' your gardening knowledge, here's a chance to learn about:

  • crop rotation
  • integrated pest management
  • companion planting
  • using mulch and drip irrigation
  • using row cover to protect crops

'Advanced' doesn't mean 'complicated'; we explain each of these work-saving, crop-saving techniques so they are easy to apply to your own survival garden.

But don't wait for the emergency, learn how NOW!


Caution! - Real World Ahead!

This book will show you the techniques the pro’s use to plan and manage a productive garden. We put a lot of emphasis on proactive and preventative measures to avoid many common garden problems.

BUT . . .

Gardening is still WORK. You can't get there by just reading a book (even mine;-). You will have to get your hands dirty. You can work smart (Bootstrap Survival Garden can help there) but expect to put some hours in to get started.

If you can commit to that, you can grow your own productive survival garden. And this investment will pay you back year after year.


Getting started is easy – just click on 'add to cart'  to drop Bootstrap Survival Garden into your shopping cart. You can continue shopping or check out instantly and pay securely through PayPal.

The New Terra Farm Books 'no-hassle' guarantee

I want you to have all the time you  need to read and USE Bootstrap Survival Garden.

That's why I'm going to give you a full 12 months to decide if this is for you.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% satisfied with what's in the Bootstrap Market Gardening Pack, simply send me an email, and I'll refund every penny of your investment . . .

No questions asked!