Not a 'born gardener' OR a marketer? Me either, but I CAN Show You How to Start a Successful Market Garden Business This Year!

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"I pounded through your book this weekend.

All I can say is 'job well done'!

Your planning spreadsheets alone are worth the price of admission"!

Dear reader,

Are you an entrepreneur? Or a 'want-repreneur'?

Have you ever wished you could build a successful, sustainable, PROFITABLE business on your small property?

Maybe with the economy like it is, you know it's time to create  real security on your own terms and generate more income.

Or maybe you love your small farm or rural property, and think it should be working for you.

What's stopping you?

Maybe you don't know how to get started. Or building a business seems overwhelming.

Or pulling together planning, marketing and management seems like a huge task just to grow and sell some vegetables.

Something I realized when I was stuck . . . Success Is A System!

What if someone  could show you, step-by-step how to start-up, market, and manage a successful market garden business, even on a very small property?

If you read this (somewhat long) page, I'll lay it all out for you to decide . . .

From time to time,  we all just need a little advice and direction to get started. That was certainly true for Suzie and me.

We spent a LOT of time and money figuring out the systems and processes we use now.

I'll lay out the whole thing for you on this page.

When we first put our system together and wrote it down so others could use it, the Premier of Ontario thought that information was worth $5,000.

That's the amount of the award we received for putting this all together in an easy to follow step-by-step format.

Now, I'll tell you how we 'bootstrapped' a successful market garden business, and you can decide if you want to do the same.

A nice plaque and a nice cheque!

I might have called my approach
'No Money Down Market Gardening'

You don't need a lot of money to get started. You don't need a huge acreage or a lot of equipment.  You don't even need to own property!

You just have to apply your brains and motivation to a simple four-step process.

Any worthwhile pursuit, whether building a house or building a business, is just a series of small tasks that you perform, one after the other.

We're going to look at that series of small tasks that add up to build your business (sounds easier already, right?)

Here's that SECRET I Mentioned . . .

The 'secret to success' in any business is following a proven process.

Here's the proven process to building your market garden business:

Still with me? Let's dig into this a bit more,  so you can decide if my system might be right for you . . .

PLANNING is the fun part: you decide how much money you want to make from your market garden, and how many customers you need to make that happen;

MARKETING is reaching out and finding those customers and telling them what you have to offer and inviting them to buy. TIP: there is an easy, non-sleazy way to get your customers to sign up.

MANAGEMENT means answering a few questions about how you will run your market garden business. How much space will you need, and where to find it? How will you organize garden work? TIP: you can find space for your garden even if you don't own a farm.

PRODUCTION means laying out your garden efficiently and growing, harvesting and processing your delicious veggies for appreciative customers.


Danielle and Suzie packing bunches of farm goodness for our happy customers

If you are still reading this, we probably have a few things in common.

  • You agree working for other people pays the bills, but you would really like a successful business of your own;
  • You want to make a right living, doing something that aligns with your values and beliefs

  • You don't happen to have a million dollars handy to start a business;

The good news is, you don't need a lot of $Resource$ to get started

Many people think that you need a lot of land or a lot of equipment to launch a market garden business.

But the truth is you CAN start without any of those things; we started our Bootstrap Market Garden with just  $300 - and we put that on a credit card!

We grew that (very) small start into a successful farm business providing fresh farm goodies - fresh produce, meats, preserves -  directly to more than 90 families.

And along the way, we won that Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence for our small farm planning, marketing and management model.

How cool is that? We got an award, and that nice cheque - I grabbed that while Suzie snagged the plaque!

All because we found an AWESOME way to make a living on a small property!

And I want you to be able to do the same; that's why I put together my step-by-step guide to starting-up, marketing and managing an organic market garden.

"Bootstrap Market Gardening 2020 Edition"

Now includes Garden Planner and Harvest Calculator spreadsheets.

Bootstrap Market Gardening shows you step-by-step how to start-up, market and manage an organic market garden based on CSA principles.

Latest edition includes my Garden Planner spreadsheet and the Harvest Schedule and Value Calculator spreadsheet.

This Is My Complete Guide That Will Show You Step-By-Step How To Build A Sustainable Business on Your Small Property.

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Learn Inside . . .

  • What are the trends making our 'Bootstrap' approach a successful business model?
  • How to get paid in advance to start your business with no money down.
  • The Complete 4-Step Market Garden Success Formula that assures your success
  • PLANNING: How much produce do you need to grow?

  • MARKETING: How to find customers

  • What do you say to prospective customers to 'close the sale'?

  • How to estimate your start-up costs

  • MANAGEMENT: How to find space for your garden even if you don't own a farm

  • How to plan garden work

  • How to manage your garden efficiently
  • PRODUCTION: How to grow many popular vegetables like a 'pro'

  • Laying out your garden for efficiency

  • How to harvest your crops and prepare them for your customers

  • Setting up a processing area for your harvest
The 'sunny garden' at New Terra Farm

Here's How To Tell If YOU Should Get This . . .

If you answer YES to one or more of the below, you should consider an investment in Bootstrap Market Gardening  . . .

"OKAY, But Before I Decide . . . What Exactly Is 'Bootstrap' Market Gardening"?

Its a method to start-up, market and manage an organic market garden following my 4-Step Formula that I believe will be of benefit to anyone who wants to make a living on a small farm.

 I think my method is for everybody because:

** you can start up business on a shoestring budget; in fact you can even get paid to start up your business!

** you can grow as big as you like - from a part-time second income to a full-time 6-figure income

** you can start up even if you don't own a farm yet!

** you will have a guaranteed cash flow

** you will have the satisfaction of making a living on your own terms

And, when you are ready to 'hang it up', you will have a business that can be sold to help fund your retirement.

"Now I'm Interested, but . . .

When New Terra Farm won the Premier's Award we got a nice plaque . . .

And that sweet $5,000 cheque.

But you know how those politician guys like to spend money.

You won't have to invest anywhere near that today (whew!).

Part of my mission on New Terra Farm is to help grow new growers . . . so I set the price of Bootstrap Market Gardening to one that just about anybody can afford.

When You Buy My "Bootstrap Market Gardening" Book You Also Get These Bonuses . . .

BONUS #1. The Bootstrap Market Garden Planner

The Bootstrap Garden Planner

I created this software tool to take the 'guesswork' out of planning your garden crops.

The Bootstrap Garden Planner will tell you:

  • how much of each crop you have to grow, on a week by week basis, to meet your customer demand;

  • when you need to start the plants;

  • when you can expect to harvest them;
  • how much each crop will yield;

  • how many garden beds/rows you will need for each crop;

  • how much space your garden will take;

Get it as a FREE BONUS with my Bootstrap Market Gardening book

BONUS #2. The Harvest Schedule and Value Calculator

The Harvest Schedule and Value Calculator

This is the tool we use to help figure out prices and quantities of crops we plan for the upcoming season. Whether you plan to sell through a CSA or at a market stand, use this tool to plan your weekly sales and income.

IMPORTANT! This is not just a gardening book! This is a book about building a successful market garden business! . . .

Bootstrap Market Gardening 2020 and both planning spreadsheets $20

Try my 'Bootstrap Market Gardening' book . . . with absolutely No Risk!

I want you to have all the time you  need to read and USE Bootstrap Market Gardening.

That's why I'm going to give you a full 12 months to decide if this is for you.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% satisfied with what's in the Bootstrap Market Gardening Pack, simply send me an email, and I'll refund every penny of your investment . . .

No questions asked!


Reality Check: just buying a book will NOT make you a market gardener.

You have to apply your brains and motivation and yes - hard work,  to build a successful business.

But if you agree that some hard work is worth the reward, my book can show you how.

Scott Kelland

PS - I've helped hundreds of new and soon-to-be market gardeners launch their own successful small farm businesses.

Here's what a couple had to say about Bootstrap Market Gardening. . .

"I pounded through the book this weekend. All I can say is 'job well done', your planning spreadsheet alone was worth the price of admission!

Steve W, Cincinnati

"Dan and I found your ebook inspiring and helpful. In fact, it took us from "hmmm...this might be for us" to selling five garden shares 3 weeks later!

We are 3 weeks or so from wrapping up year one and looking forward to year two and 25-30 shares!
Thanks so much for your helpful programs that make planning our business almost a breeze.
Sincerely, Dan and Jenn Spaans
Itty Bitty Acres

Are you willing to invest $20 in your future?

That's about the price of a couple fast food dinners; I hope you will agree, this will be a better investment!

If you can drop a double sawbuck (as the old-timers used to say) you can get started on your own Bootstrap Market Garden today.


OR, If you're looking for an even better deal, get Bootstrap Market Gardening and all the bonuses included in my Farm Book Bundle deal