Avoid the $5,000 Mistake!

I love being a market gardener!

And it's a great business! Even though many 'experts' are saying the small farm is D-E-A-D, you can have a thriving market garden, growing and selling wonderful fresh vegetables for appreciative customers.

Here's the truth; despite the 'economy', or the recession, or any other factor, people still need to eat!

Picture bringing a basket of goodies like this to your happy customers!

So market gardening is a great business. And you can start on a small piece of property, or in a big back yard, or even (and you may not believe this) if you don't own any property at all!

But . . . to be successful, you need to start with the right information. This can make the difference between a thriving business and painful failure.

If you'd like to own your own successful market garden, growing great fresh food that is in high demand and turn your passion for gardening into income, then READ ON!

Let me tell you a story . . .

I have a good friend and neighbour who started market gardening after I did. In fact, she worked on my farm to learn the business.

She was passionate about growing great organic vegetables, she was  a hard worker, and in fact she learned a lot about successfully growing for market. 

But . . . she made a mistake her first year that cost her about $5,000  in lost sales!

OK, you may find it hard to believe that one mistake could cost so much, but I can verify it is true.

Let me tell you the rest of the story . . .

My friend's first season as a market gardener was a lot like our first season at New Terra Farm:

  • our gardens were about the same size; her's was actually a bit larger than ours (she was eager and ambitious);
  • we have similar soil and growing conditions; our gardens are only about 2 miles apart;
  • we use similar growing techniques; in fact my friend grew many vegetables EXACTLY like we did, because she learned how from us;
  • we grew many of the same kinds of vegetables, using seeds we bought from the same seed houses;
  • my friend worked as hard we we did at our garden, and maybe harder; she was REALLY passionate and excited about her first market garden!

So, with all those similarities, you would think we had similar success as well. Well, this may surprise you but:

- sales from our first garden were about $9,000;
- her sales from her first garden were about $4,000!

That's a difference of $5,000 between two very similar gardens!

Huh! How about that?

How was it possible that we had literally more than TWICE the sales from our garden? Here's how:

Despite being a good grower and a hard worker, my friend the beginning market gardener forgot one thing:

Successful market gardening is just as much about marketing as it is about gardening!

OK, I can hear your objections to that:

  • 'Scott, don't I HAVE to be a good grower'?

  • 'Scott, if I grow better vegetables than the other gardeners won't customers just beat a path to my door'?

  • And of course, 'Scott, I just don't like marketing'!

Here's the deal: You can grow the most beautiful, tasty, nutritious vegetables ever seen, but . . . if nobody knows you have them, nobody can buy them!

And, sad to say, people may 'beat a path' to your door, but they probably have to drive past farmer's markets and a lot of other growers to get there!

You have to let people know you have a superior product, if you want them to buy it ; you do that through marketing. And, if you are growing great vegetables, you should be proud to tell 'em!

So, to sum it up, we didn't grow any better, or work any harder in our garden to make twice as much money; we just figured out a better way to plan, market and manage our garden, to make sure we got paid better for our work!

Now, here's the good news: you can do what we did, to just about assure the success of your garden (of course, you do still have to grow those great veggies!)

So, marketing is a key aspect of market gardening. But you also need a couple of other tricks in your kit; you need to know how to plan your business - i.e. set goals, estimate income and expenses;  and how to manage your garden for success.

Again, this can be easy or hard, depending on the information you start with. But enough teasing, find out more by getting your Free Market Gardening Guide.

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Trust me, I'm a gardener!

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