Pigs Can Be A Great Choice For The Small Property Owner, But Will Raising Them Be Worth The Trouble?

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Let's face it, you would love to have a freezer full of your own bacon, hams, and chops, but  raising pigs sounds like a BIG job.

Feed and housing and day-to-day care sounds like  a hassle just to get some delicious bacon.

And, pigs can be destructive. They root and dig and if not properly managed they can destroy your land. If they get into your garden, goodbye garden!

But what if there were a way to AVOID all those hassles?

My System For Raising Premium Pork ON PASTURE Can Put A LOT Of Food In Your Freezer (Minus The Hassles)

Raising pigs on pasture is a great opportunity for the small land owner! With the right system, there is minimum overhead, low labor requirements, and no long-term commitment.

Raising weaner pigs on pasture to finish weight offers a great opportunity for a small farmer to fill up the freezer and diversify farm income without a huge investment in facilities or time.

At New Terra Farm we have been raising piggies this way for more than 20 years. We have raised tons of premium pork for our freezer and our farm customers.

We use our pigs to renovate pasture, prepare land for planting, and for fall cleanup in our market garden. Pigs are multi-purpose farm livestock, once you have a system to handle them.

The pork produced from pastured pigs is a premium product; we easily sell all we can raise to our CSA customers, at a price we set to guarantee a profit. Once people get a sample of what REAL pork tastes like, they will come back year after year.

Introducing "Pigs on Pasture" from New Terra Farm


If you have as little as 1/6 of an acre, you can raise pigs on pasture the New Terra Farm way. Our system lets you produce healthy, organic, and delicious pork:

  • without a large investment in equipment
  • without a lot of time or expense
  • without polluting or damaging your land; in fact we use our pigs to improve our land!

We will show you step-by-step how to raise pigs on pasture to put meat in your freezer (and money in your wallet!) This is a great family business, too. The kids can help out with chores and even raise pastured pork as a summertime job to earn extra money. Our system is easy enough for kids to follow it successfully.

Being More Self-Sufficient Is A Bonus!

Nobody knows if or when a disaster may strike. Sometimes it seems like everything from natural disasters to disastrous political decisions are conspiring to make life tougher.

But this is not the only reason we bought our farm.

Being more self-sufficient is a good thing to do anyway.

Knowing I have 4 freezers full of my own home-grown meats gives me a sense of satisfaction as well as security.

There's no downside.

What's the worst that can happen? The world doesn't end (oh no) and you end up with a ton of your own delicious food?

Wait A Sec, I Have Questions!

If you have read this far, there are probably a few questions popping up in your mind right now. Here's what I've heard from others:

Q.  I've heard that pigs can create a real mess of your property by rooting holes in the ground and leaving huge piles of poop. How true is this?

A. Problems with piggies are usually the result of poor system design. With my system our land actually improves when the pigs move through. No poop buildup and no destruction of pasture.

Q. What about keeping the pigs contained? I sure don't want pigs rooting around my garden!

A. Good question! Our containment system keep pigs where we want them and OUT of where we don't. In 20 years and many batches of piggies we've never had an escape.

Q. I don't have much experience with livestock. Can a beginner actually raise pigs on pasture successfully?

A. Absolutely! We WERE those beginners. Over the last 20 years we've figured out just-about-foolproof  systems to raise piggies in a humane (and profitable)  way that anybody can duplicate.

More Than 2,000 People Have Bought My Books And Courses. Here's What Some Of Them Had To Say...

"Very clearly written and thorough" - Steve G.

"Fantastic reading, and it'll be really helpful when we start up our farm! - Katie W.

"Very well written. It seems that you have that gift of being able to transpose your thoughts onto paper with ease and simplicity" - Stephen W.

I read your meat chicken book and really wished I had it last year. It has already caused me to re-think and re-design next years plan. - Sherri, Dunville, ON

"Dan and I found your book inspirational and helpful. In fact, it took us from "hmmm ... this might be for us" to selling five garden shares 3 weeks later! We are 3 weeks or so from wrapping up year one and looking forward to year two and 25-30 shares! Thanks so much for your helpful programs that make planning our business almost and breeze

Dan and Jenn S.
Itty Bitty Acres

Read 'Pigs On Pasture' RISK-FREE With My 100% 'Bring Home The Bacon' Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to have all the time you need to read and USE  'Pigs On Pasture'.

That's why I'm going to give you a full 12 months to decide if this is for you.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% satisfied simply send me an email, scott@new-terra-natural-food.com and I'll refund every penny of your investment - No questions asked!

Over more than a decade and more than 2,000 sales, I've been asked for a refund exactly twice. Which I promptly and happily issued. So I am pretty confident you will find a lot of value here.

What's UNIQUE About 'Pigs On Pasture'?

1. 'Pigs On Pasture' is written by an actual farmer with 20+ years experience in gardening and raising small livestock. No theory, just lots of practical, real-world information about growing your own food.

2. Everything in this book has been tested in the 'real world'. I live in Northern Ontario; my designs  stand up to harsh weather. Our animal husbandry techniques includes protection for our livestock from inclement weather and predators.

3. I've included my Porkulator spreadsheet to help you figure out costs and profits for your pig herd. This is absolutely unique software  I wrote (computer programmer, remember?) to help me figure out yields and prices (and profits) for my pastured pigges.

All by itself it is a valuable tool that let's you plug in the live weight of a hog, and calculate:

  • hanging weight;
  • retail weight;
  • lbs. yield per cut e.g. how much bacon, ham, and roasts or chops I can expect;
  • my cost per pound of pork raised;
  • the prices I should charge to make a profit.

I couldn't find a tool that did all this, so I had to make one!

The Porkulator does the math for you

What do you get in "Pigs On Pasture"?

We put in everything we have learned in 20 years of raising pigs on pasture here at New Terra Farm. The result is a simple but comprehensive system to market and manage your pastured pigs, sustainably and profitably.

Our pigs clean up our garden, and help prepare for the next season's planting; and of course give us the most delicious bacon, ham, and pork roasts!

BEFORE: starting on fresh ground
AFTER: pig-prepared planting ground
Latest edition includes my Porkulator software

'Pigs on Pasture' is the actual record of the system we have used successfully raise delicious pastured pork for more than a decade.

All the instructions, the photos, and the examples used are from right here on New Terra Farm - no theories, just practical pig-raising advice.

Plus that fabulous Porkulator software!

OK, Lay It Out For Me!

Here's what's in the book:

  • Introduction: Raising pigs on your small farm
  • Key Features of our Pastured Pork Model
  • Getting Started
  • Planning – How many pigs should you start with?
  • Pork Raising Production Schedule
  • Marketing – How will you sell your piggies?
  • Management – Where to raise your Piggies
  • Management – Sources and supplies
  • Find a source for your weaner pigs
  • Get your equipment and supplies
  • Management - Find a Feed Supplier
  • Finding an abattoir
  • Production - Getting Set Up in the Field
  • Setting up your electric fence
  • Production – Bringing home the weaner pigs
  • Production - Feeding your piggies
  • Measuring your Pig
  • Relocating the pigloo and the pen
  • Troubleshooting Your Piggies
  • Production – Shipping your Pigs
  • Using a trap box to load your pigs
  • Loading pigs with a ramp
  • Off to the abattoir!
  • What do you get back from the abattoir?
  • Pastured Pork-Enomics – Costs and profits
  • Equipment Costs ( fixed costs )
  • Weaners, Feed and Supplies ( variable costs )
  • Calculating your profit
  • What can you sell your pigs for?
  • Conclusion
  • Resource List
  • Sample Pork Cutting Order Form

Get The Latest Edition Of Pigs On Pasture AND The Porkulator Software in One Package

Pigs are the ideal livestock for the small landowner. When managed properly, they are easy to care for, and actually improve your country. And if you are a fan of composting, there is no better way to compost kitchen and garden scraps than to put them through your girls!

When you click on 'Add to Cart' you will receive a secure link that will let you download Pigs on Pasture and the Porkulator right away; no waiting for a physical book to be shipped.

Get started right now planning your own pastured piggies for next season!

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