I Bought my 'Homestead' To Be More Self-Sufficient, But I Didn't Have a PLAN...

New terra tinyWe bought New Terra Farm in June 2000 but then had to figure out WHAT TO DO with it!

If you found this page, you probably have real concerns about the future.  And right now it appears there are multiple actors around the world who seem intent on disrupting business as usual.

If I was the suspicious type,  I would think a few of our locally-grown elected whacko's are following the same game plan.

This is a worrisome reality.

More self-sufficiency is a worthwhile goal.

In good times and bad, nothing is more important than a secure food supply.

But, HOW?

How will you secure enough calories to sustain life for you and your family if supply chains are disrupted and the poop hits the proverbial fan?

If you came here from one of my other pages ('Pigs on Pasture', 'How to Raise Meat Chickens', 'Bootstrap Greenhouse') you have probably already seen some of what I'm about to share with you.

Bear with me, there's a reward at the end.

Way back in June of 2000, (just after the Y2K scare), I decided I had a responsibility to do more, learn more, be prepared more, to provide for my family.

We bought our farm and started learning how to feed ourselves in a sustainable and reliable way.

Once we had a little experience under our belts, I started writing about the things we had learned and done. I put 200 page of free content on the New Terra Farm website, explaining how we did things on our little farm.

I also decided to write some books, to help others become more prepared for whatever may come.

My books are all about 'How To Do It'!

I made some of those books free to download  - e.g 'Bootstrap Survival Garden'.

And I assembled some of my most popular books into 'bundles', to make them available at a great discount.

Just like this one.

Unlock the Secrets of Self-Sufficiency (And Save More Then 40%)  with My 'Homestead Book Bundle'!

Homestead Bundle 2023-12There are ELEVEN separate valuable information resources in the Best Value Book Bundle for homesteaders!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced homesteader, my books will provide you with valuable information and insights.

These days, it's not just homesteaders that need the tools and skills to ensure the calories keep coming. 

No matter who and where you are, the goal should be the same: be as self-sufficient as you can on your own small property.

And while many 'old-fashioned' methods of gardening, animal husbandry, and home-scale construction are still valid, there are new appropriate technologies that can be applied to make the job easier.

There will always be sufficient work to do on your property without making it harder by refusing to use technology when it makes sense.

I am a big believer in taking advantage of the technologies while we have them, and at the same time planning for how I would do without them if necessary.

I've put together the books I believe any homesteader or anyone looking for more food security should have to become more self-sufficient and solve problems on their small property.

Seems Like a Big Challenge: How To Get More Security And Sustainability In Your Life?

Maybe you are worried about where your food will come from if disaster strikes.

Or maybe you are just interested in living a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle.

It can seem like a huge problem to solve.

But, the way to solve any big problem is to break it down.

We did NOT start out on New  Terra Farm knowing all we know now. We built our operation piece  by piece.

We started by growing a garden, just to feed ourselves. This eventually became our market garden business.

We built some greenhouses to extend the season and increase our self-sufficiency.

We learned how to raise chickens, turkeys, and pigs on pasture, to stock up our freezers.

You can do the same, step-by-step, with my 'Homesteader Book Bundle'.

OK, But I Have Some Questions...

Q. I don't have a huge property, will these books still work for me?

A. Absolutely! All my plans and recommended cultural practices are scalable, whether you are working in a big back yard or the back 40!

Q. I've never raised small livestock before, are your books suitable for beginners?

A. You bet. We WERE those beginners. You get the benefit of what we have learned over the last 20 years of gardening and building and raising livestock. Our systems actually got SIMPLER over time, as we learned more.

Q. How 'handy' do I have to be to build your plans for chicken coops and greenhouses?

A. The good news is, I am NOT a professional carpenter! My designs are simple, no complicated joinery or tricky construction. Anybody can duplicate what we've built.

More than 2,000 people have bought my books and courses to help them build some RESILIENCE in their life. Here's what some of them had to say...

"Very clearly written and thorough" - Steve G.

"Fantastic reading, and it'll be really helpful when we start up our farm! - Katie W.

"Very well written. It seems that you have that gift of being able to transpose your thoughts onto paper with ease and simplicity" - Stephen W.

I read your meat chicken book and really wished I had it last year. It has already caused me to re-think and re-design next years plan. - Sherri, Dunville, ON

"Dan and I found your book inspirational and helpful. In fact, it took us from "hmmm ... this might be for us" to selling five garden shares 3 weeks later! We are 3 weeks or so from wrapping up year one and looking forward to year two and 25-30 shares! Thanks so much for your helpful programs that make planning our business almost and breeze

Dan and Jenn S.
Itty Bitty Acres

NO RISK With My 100% No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee

All my books and course are backed by a full 12-month guarantee.  I want you to have time to read and actually use my books.

If you feel my books did not deliver valuable information, or for any reason at all, you can return them at any time in the next 12 months for a full refund, no questions asked. Just send me an email scott@new-terra-natural-food.com and I'll send you your money.

What's UNIQUE About The 'Homesteader Book Bundle?

1. These books are written by an actual farmer with 20+ years experience in gardening and raising small livestock. No theory, just lots of practical, real-world information about growing your own food supply.

2. I believe in function over form. That means my designs work as intended, without a lot of time and money wasted on frills. They can be built  by just about anybody with common tools (and common sense)!

3. Everything in these books has been tested in the 'real world'. I live in Northern Ontario; my greenhouse designs and chicken coop plans stand up to harsh weather. Our animal husbandry techniques includes protection for our livestock from inclement weather and predators. TSW (This Stuff Works)!

Get More Value for Your Money - Upgrade to my Homestead Book Bundle

Homestead Bundle 2023-12Practical real-world farming knowledge acquired over 20 years at award-winning New Terra Farm

Information is the ultimate 'prep! All the tools in the world won't help if you don't know how to use them. My practical farming and gardening books are all about the 'HOW'!

Here's what you get in my Best Value Homestead Book Bundle:

Sells separately for $10

BOOK 1 - The Bootstrap Survival Garden.

In an emergency, Job # 1 is two feed yourself and your family. If you are able to grow a significant portion of your own food, you are that much more likely to survive and thrive in any situation.

Bootstrap Survival Garden is packed full of the practical gardening knowing we've acquired over 20 years at New Terra farm.

No fluff, just 150 pages of 'in-the-dirt' instruction, pictures, and techniques that the pro's use to grow a super-productive garden year after year.

And includes my Bonus Book 'Bootstrap Survival Garden Plans'. 10 garden layouts in different sizes to accommodate your space and preferences.

Sells separately for $10

BOOK # 2. Build a Bootstrap Greenhouse.

If you are VERY serious about growing good food for yourself and your family, there is no better investment than your own greenhouse.

We have built and currently use three different styles of greenhouses. This book includes plans, pictures, and instructions for all three.

I guarantee you can find a place for one ( or more ) of them at your homestead ( or even a big back yard ). The smallest one - my Cattle Panel Palace - is just 8 x 12 and can be built in one morning at a cost of $ 200.

Includes Bonus Books Greenhouse Planting Schedule and Resource Report.

Sells separately for $10

Book # 3. Bootstrap Bacon!

At New Terra Farm we have been raising piggies following the methods in this book for more than 10 years. We have raised tons of premium pork for our freezer and our farm customers.

We use our piggies to renovate pasture, prepare land for planting, duck for fall cleanup in our garden. Pigs are multi-purpose small homestead livestock, once you have a system to handle them.

Get Pigs on Pasture as part of the Homesteader Bundle and get my Bonus 'Porkulator' software a well.

I built the Porkulator spreadsheet to help me figure out costs and prices for my premium pastured pork. Get it with this bundle and save.

Sells separately for $10

Book # 4. Bootstrap Birdies!

If you have a small property and would like it to work for you chickens are the ideal 'starter' livestock.

This book will show you the secrets of raising meat chickens humanly, organically, and sustainably.

If you want to put some food in your freezer ( and maybe some money in your wallet ) this book will show you how.

Two Bonus Chicken Coop Plan Books included to help you get started right away raising your own pastured poultry flock.

PLUS, One More Valuable Resource

top 10 cover

Dateline 2024, the 'Homesteader Book Bundle' now includes my latest book: 'Grow The Top Ten Most Profitable Vegetables'.

A market garden is a great 'side hustle' for the homesteader or small property owner.

"Grow The Top Ten" is the resource you need to elevate your productivity and transform your garden into a lucrative venture.

With " Grow The Top Ten" you will gain a solid understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to step-up your gardening practices and grow the 10 most profitable vegetable crops in your market garden

Get them all in the Homestead Book Bundle, only from New Terra Farm.


Learn to grow food like you have to... BEFORE you have to!

Homestead Bundle 2023-12My BEST DEAL for these valuable farming and gardening resources

That's a tag line from my Bootstrap Survival Garden book, included in this bundle. It's a good idea to acquire the skills you need to grow a substantial part of your diet, BEFORE the SHTF.

I believe my individual books deliver lots of value; the individual prices of these books add up to $50 . But you can get the complete Homesteader Bundle for $27That's a savings of more than 40%.

Note:  There are 11 separate valuable farming and gardening information resources in this bundle!

$27 won't buy you a lot of food, but it can buy you some valuable skills and resources to grow a lot of food. Get the bundle and save.


p.s. Here's the best part:  by living a self-sufficient lifestyle, you'll save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and have a greater sense of independence and satisfaction.

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