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New Terra Farm News -- Factoids of Interest to the organic foodie
March 03, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Written & Published by Scott Kelland
Written at New Terra Farm
13510 County Rd 15
Merrickville ON

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This is a quickie, just to let you that farming has begun again (we started the first seeds) and to tell you about a couple freebies from the farm. We'll continue the series on pest control next issue. Excelsior!

Here's what's in this issue:

1. Opening Notes

2. F*R*E*E stuff

Products and Promotions
This section presents stuff you should see (and maybe buy) because, well, I said so! Just kidding, as you know we only promote products and services we have personal knowledge of and really believe deliver value, and that are worth your time to check out. So, uh, do it!

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Writing resource #2: Writing Rituals is an excellent resource to help keep you focused on the business of writing. The 5 Writing Rituals that Nick Usborne gives you in this e-book are intended to do just one thing - create an environment that will keep you putting out the pages. Highly recommended, but get the 7-day e-book above first.

Writing resource #3:and of course here is my 'ultimate resource' for info-preneurs how to make your knowledge sell

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end promo

1. Opening Notes

Hey all,

the season is underway, we started some seeds, and we have some survey results back (thanks).

As I mentioned before, we are cutting back on the number of families we serve this year, to focus on 'quality' rather than quantity; or to be more exact we want to provide more and better produce, and we think that focusing on a smaller clientele will help with that.

So if you are intending to return as member, please let us know as soon as possible; we will be sending out the first marketing flyers this week, and closing membership as of the end of March.

We have added the capability to pay for your CSA veggie basket by credit card or PayPal, securely through our website. You will see the 'pay now' buttons on the New Terra Farm page

Free Stuff from the Farm

Here's a couple of freebies that might be of interest. The first one is a new recipe book 15 Farm-Approved Recipes that we just finished compiling. Its got a little bit of everything, check it out, no charge.

The second freebie is a compilation of software tools that I use regularly in my businesses. Download the report to get the low-down; and, some of the cool IT tools are even F*R*E*E (whee!)

Download Cool IT Tools

Find out more about our home delivery service

Even More Freebies
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