Crime fighting 101 for politicians

by Scott K

After reading some recent news stories, I decided our municipal, provincial and federal politicians need some help in figuring out what is a crime and what isn't.

These handy crime fighting tips are provided as a public service by New Terra Farm.

Lesson 1 - an local citizen who's a major in the military and who happens to like his beef 'natural' is subject to intensive surveillance and a SWAT-like raid on his home by Ministry of Natural Resources 'Intelligence' agents (joke is too obvious, I'll pass) to find some 'illegal' beef. Crime fighting tip - raising and slaughtering some of your own food - not a crime!

Lesson 2: the federal government has introduced legislation to impose mandatory jail time for growing as few as five marijuana plants. Here's the crime fighting tip: growing a few plants for your own consumption - not a crime!

Lesson 3 - masked and armed natives threaten residents in Caledonia, Ontario, while OPP stands by and does nothing to assist. Handy crime fighting tip: masked and armed vigilantes uttering threats IS a crime!

Lesson 4 - Canadian citizens detained abroad are subject to torture, while successive governments do nothing. Crime fighting tip - torture IS a crime!

I trust this handy reference will help our esteemed leadership figure out their priorities for crime-fighting in the future. Because when the news is full of one boondoggle after another wasting billions of taxpayers dollars, I don't think they have the (our!) money to waste on non-crimes and other non-sense!

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