Don't Panic Eat Organic (I borrowed that phrase)

by ScottK
(Merrickville ON)

I guess it's stunningly obvious now that Copenhagen accomplished nothing, except to burn a few tonnes of hydrocarbons ferrying politicians and their support systems around Europe.

For the last 20 years, the need for action on securing our environment, our food supply and our future has been obvious to most thinking citizens. Many have taken steps in their own lives to make positive change e.g. 'recycling' is now the expectation rather than the exception. This has accomplished more than all the 'hot air' generated by our esteemed leaders.

Unfortunately we don't have another 20 years for Canada's leaders to wake up to the threat.

So the solution is simple, and does not rely on the government. Canadians need to buy 'greener' - i.e. more sustainably produced - food and energy, waste less of what they buy, and grow more of their own.

Support green companies, and green energy, and DON'T give your money to others. Consumers can lead the way by voting with their dollars. Agri-business, supermarkets and food manufacturers will follow demand for food that is local, healthy and has a smaller environmental footprint.

Remember that demands from ordinary citizens are behind the success of organizations like MADD and the Fair Trade movement. We need to take the same leadership role to secure our food supply and our kids' futures.

And maybe then the politicians will detect which way the wind is blowing, and scurry to get in front, where they can pretend to lead the parade once again.

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