Housing for Pigs on Pasture

Simple shelter for pigs on pasture

Simple shelter for pigs on pasture

I am curious to see what a movable pigloo looks like!!?? It sounds like a uniquely Canadian invention. We have plenty of space for grazing pigs, but I am always held up by figuring out cheap, portable housing.

Good question, and to some extent it depends on climate and if you are operating seasonally or not. I use a home-made truck camper that I found at a farm auction 6 or 7 years ago . As I recall it cost me $2, 'cause it was UGLY. But the pigs loved it. Its about 6 x 8 feet, and I have had a many as 8 pigs sheltered in and around it.

This works for me because I raise my piggies in the snow-free months, from April to October in my neck of the woods. The shelter mostly provides them shade and gives them a dry place to sleep if it rains.

I believe there are commercially-available 'pigloos' (this might even be a brand name, hope I don't get sued - or sue-eed!)

Any simple structure that provides shade will do the trick. The challenge is to keep it strong enough to hold up to big pigs but light enough to move.

I saw a design at this link, it's a free download


The a-frame style looks like it might be adapted to be more portable for seasonal use e.g. leave off the door, and don't put a floor in it.

If there is any interest I might design and build a new shelter for my piggies this season, the old camper is getting pretty beat up after 6 years and 50 pigs or so. If so I will put pictures up on my site.


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