LOCAL farming supplies and suppliers

by Sherri
(Dunnville, ON)

So here we are gearing up for our own local farming initiative with veg, poultry, eggs & pork. I have one hurdle - (ok one I will discuss here)- LOCAL ANIMAL FEED!!!

I have been searching for local chicken feed without GMO's. We do have a local Shur-Gain mill but I have no idea where the grains come from or what maybe in them?? I have asked and I get "oh they don't put any junk in there" ???? define "junk"

I know due to local legislature I cannot call my chicken or eggs "organic" and find this a bit confusing. Should I bother with the extra expense of "organic" chicken feed, only to turn around and not be able to advertise the big "O" word or charge the $$$ that that little word would add to my poultry? They are completely free range on 6 acres, all day (and might I add happy, friendly and Oh sooo healthy)

So this is my quandary....... I would love advice from all

Also might I suggest a forum where other Ontarian can add suppliers for all the things we need for our gardens, animals or farm life in general that is NOT from THE STATES!!!!

I spend more time searching for tools, feed, seed etc that I can get here in good Ol' Canada.

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