Market Gardening Forum - FAQ

by Scott Kelland
(New Terra Farm)

Hi folks,

finally, a chance for you to rant back at me! Or to ask questions and share your own opinions and experience.

Here's some FAQ's about this forum:

Q - does Scott look at every submission?

A - absolutely, in fact I actively moderate this forum. I review and approve each submission.

Q - how can I see my submissions and other people's comments?

A - you can see what your comment will look like after you submit it, and can also edit it if you so desire. After I approve the submission, you will be notified by e-mail (if you have provided one) that your submission is 'live' on the site.

If you come back to the Forum page later, you will see a hyperlink (blue underline) to the page containing your submission.

Q - How big a photo can I submit?

A Please limit your photos to 100k or less, to keep page load speed from slowing.

If you have more questions about the Forum or about market gardening, use the form to send 'em in.

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