re survival garden: America: can we stick together.

by Kenneth John Sokolowski
(White Cloud MI Newago)

I think that the garden idea is a good one, but is there enough people with the know how to teach America how to do what it takes to make it.

And then there's security,the people that don't have the know how can and will steel to feed there family. Ken Sokolowski White Cloud MI.

Good points, Ken

I think this makes it clear we need to start NOW learning how to grow our own food; it will be too late if you wait until TSHTF in a big way.

And you reinforce my point that we will still need communities to survive, I think that trying to survive as 'the lone gunman' is a fantasy, unless you are willing to be a nomad and always travel away from trouble and towards resources.

I'm choosing to 'prepare in place' and also help create the community we will need to survive.



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