re Survival Garden: Another view

by Dave
(NW Ohio, USA)

Scott, for the most part I agree with you. I hate to view the future of our country as it seems to be playing out. Somehow we forgot that being a free country our people also have the right to fail along with the right to succeed. We have so many people getting hand outs. I joke to my wife that we need a second job to pay additional taxes to help pay for our deadbeat relatives. I think that things will really become expensive.

I have bought junk farm equipment that I am rebuilding. I have a number of small businesses that provide me a income stream. For retirement I am not depending on social security. I expect taxes to be substantially increased to pay for the wars and debt. Just another view.

You are right on, Dave

As the 'gummint' struggles to deal with the various and sundry disasters on the horizon, I expect to see increasingly futile (and expensive) 'solutions' pushed on to the cash cows I mean citizens that support the country.

I think staying local and staying out of the cash economy as much as possible is also part of the solution. And, much like you are doing, focus on the personal solutions that are a good idea anyway, no matter what happens.

Having multiple income streams - good idea anyway, it benefits you in any circumstance, you aren't dependent on the government or your kids for your livelihood. Growing your own food - good idea anyway, better nutrition, reduced carbon footprint, some healthy exercise - no downside that I can see.

I recently saw a great cartoon that sums it up; the caption goes something like ' Oh great, if we all grew our own food, supported local business, reduced pollution, and the worst DOESN'T happen, we'll have created a better world for nothing'!

Congrats on what you have achieved,


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