re survival garden - BAU

by Bryan
(CA )

The topic has been on my mind a lot too. There are a lot of community spaces, such as churches, that can repurpose part of their land/landscape to food production. Also the end of bau will cause energy prices to put electricity, heating, cooling, and gasoline out of reach. The survival garden can include crops for ethanol production and agroforestry pollard or coppice wood for heating and cooking. It's a timely subject for those with eyes wide open.

That's good thinking, Bryan. I've written before that I believe the main preoccupation of North America 10 years from now will not be Idiotic Idol, or whatever the latest celebrity moron is wearing, snorting, or sleeping with. It will be trying to find enough food. And every green space will be needed. And after food, fuel will certainly be the next priority.

I had actually thought at one time of launching a CSA market garden in the city by approaching some big buildings with large green spaces, and offering to take over the lawn care in exchange for the right to grow some crops (keeping it neat and tidy of course). Lawn clippings could be used as mulch, and company employees or the company cafeteria could be customers.

My 'city' friends no longer invite me to play golf, because I tell them when I see that much green land I just want to plant turnips!



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