re Survival Garden: Can't wait!

by Jennifer
(WV/DC area)

Sweet! Really looking forward to this series! I know you're really busy so thanks for taking the time to help folks be as prepared as possible.

Thanks Jennifer,

I'm looking forward to writing it, the discipline of putting it down on paper (so to speak) often forces me to get my own act together. And I've already had a lot of great questions and ideas from visitors to the site.

I've expanded my original list of topics to include making a livelihood 'post-crash' (thanks Kevin), seed saving and starting (thanks Liz), closing the 'hunger gap' and winter gardening (thanks Kathleen), finding space for gardening and alternate fuels (thanks Bryan) and a few more.

A common theme I will harp on a bit is the need for all of us to get connected to our community, because we will only have each other when TSHTF. And be ready to help out when we can, in the expectation the help will be there for us when we need it.

I'm hoping to create a 'virtual community' on these pages, where ideas and experiences can be shared to help us all out. I don't have all the answers, (Suzie is kind enough to point that out to me on a regular basis) but maybe we can all come up with a few solutions.



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