re survival garden: Escaping the Crash of an Economy

by LA
(Oregon, USA)

Love your newsletters and was thrilled to read this after a few weeks hiatus. I live in Oregon, USA and have been talking to a friend about preparing for the end of BAU. One of our plans was to escape to Canada if our economy totally collapses.

Now I'm alarmed! You live in Canada and you're writing about the end of your economy too??? I'm thinking this Global Economy stuff isn't a very good idea.

hi LA

You're right about the global economy, and I don't think Canada will escape. We do have a few things going for us, a lower population compared to the resource base and we are a net energy exporter. But our leaders are just as clueless and unprepared, or maybe it's like this post from "The Automatic Earth"

"governments don't forewarn of drastic measures, if only because they can't really do that. They will always insist that all is well until it is not, or they would risk causing a stampede. The take away from that insight at this point is that we can't feel safe because our governments - or the main media that move in lockstep with them- haven't warned us."

Canada's leaders, like the US, are right in there with the 'don't worry, be happy'.

I would say first option is to 'prepare in place' if that is at all feasible. Find a place to grow and store some food, create a support network with friends. If that's not possible, make your move well before TSHTF, because travel may be restricted or impossible after the crash, and you will need time to get established in your new location.

all the best,


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