re Survival Garden: I welcome all guidance at getting started.

by Anna

It's near winter in the Midwest as I've realized the pressing nature of the situation. Next spring I will plant my first garden- I'm planning box gardens as the soil is non existent. I live in city limits. I've located a source for meat, milk, eggs. I may have a place to flee to ... But it's not certain. My space is limited and I think the city would take exception to livestock in my yard.
Any help on how to begin to sustain ourselves from where we are is welcome !

Hi Anna

I know exactly how you feel, I left the city and bought my farm 12 years ago for many of the same reasons. You have already taken a big step just by realizing the need to plan ahead (puts you ahead of about 97% of the population). And a backyard garden can be a significant supplement to your food supply. I will certainly be talking about that and other things 'city folk' can do.

One thing I would suggest right away, there's a saying in contingency planning that 'one is none and two is one'. In other words, if you only have one alternative, you really have zero options. Maybe think about another place you could make a 'soft landing' if you had to, perhaps you have like-minded friends and you all can be alternates for each other.

Keep your 'bug-out bag' handy (you can fit 3 weeks of supplies in a backpack these days) and if push comes to shove you will at least have a running start. Keep in touch, would love to hear more about your experiences.



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