re Survival Garden: Seed Supply

by Liz
(Florence, MS)

Once the "bottom falls out", many will try to begin growing gardens. That will probably put a strain on the suppliers of seeds and plants. With the increase in demand, the prices will skyrocket! We'll no longer be able to afford to grow out own food from store-bought seeds and plants. Right now, many of us are dependent upon our local co-ops to start our gardens.

I would love to learn more about how to start seeds indoors, put up my own seeds, and self-perpetuate my garden. I feel like this info would be just as valuable as learning to grow anything in our dirt.


Great point, Liz

A real survival garden and real sustainability means thinking past this season's crop, and how do we perpetuate both our soil fertility and our seed supply, for maybe many generations to come?

I'll be writing about these topics in upcoming articles. I plan to cover the whole 'life cycle' of growing and eating and preserving great food.

Of course, (as I mentioned to another visitor) this doesn't necessarily mean you need to do it all yourself. Having a community of like-minded people to share the chores (and provide backup in the case of disaster) would be my preferred way to go forward.

The advantages are many in the survival garden; for example, varieties of squash often 'cross' easily, leaving you with seed that you can't trust. But if you grew one variety, and I grew a different variety in a separate location, we could swap.

Something we can all do right away is to seek out those like-minded folks who might be receptive to these ideas.



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