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by Rachel
(Portland, OR)

I love this topic - we have been looking for over a year for a large(r) parcel of land where we can do some urban farming and still manage the commute to work. One of our biggest challenges has been understanding and planning for zoning ordinances.

We live in a city where they are rather restrictive and vague. How have your readers dealt with this issue? We want to be good neighbors. We'd also like to try and raise a feeder pig at some point... and maybe have some hives. Ideas?
OK Rachel,

the question has been put out there. How have all of you dealt with the zoning or bureaucracy or cantankerous neighbours in your pursuit of a little self-sufficiency? Here's a cautionary tale from a visitor to another of my forums.

I would guess in general it's a good idea to try to get the neighbours on-side in advance or perhaps even try to get them involved e.g. maybe they want to go shares, or they might save scraps for your livestock. Same principle as hosting a loud party, the neighbours won't complain if they're with you dancing their butts off.

You also might think about 'easing' in to it, maybe a few chickens or even bunnies in the garage before surprising them with porky. A few gifts of fresh eggs or a roaster might soften 'em up.

Love to hear others' experiences . . .


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