re Survival Garden:Community decision-making

by Steve Penny
(Golden Bay, NZ)

We can't rely on the idiotic political system to make community decisions post-BAU. We need to develop the skills and infrastructure to do it ourselves, forming people's councils to act in the common interest.

As a start, I suggest people form small (single digit) cooperative groups now, helping each other any way you can find. I recommend using Approval Voting: an excellent decision-making method. Developing your own complementary currency is also an essential security measure.
That's an interesting topic, Steve

How do we all work together in the absence of conventional authority? I do believe we will find ways to cooperate; in pioneer-type conditions standards of behaviour evolved according to need, and weren't always codified.

e.g. Old Farmer Jones could be an anti-social SOB 350 days of the year, but when it came time to move the cattle/thresh the wheat/plant the corn, he was right there working alongside everyone else. This was a matter of survival.

I absolutely agree that the best advice for right now is to seek out some like-minded people and begin planning and acting together where feasible.

And a local currency (we are currently exploring the idea of Merrickville Money) would make trade easier and provide a refuge from the destruction of fiat currency.

I've used a multi-voting technique in my consulting work (very similar to Approval Voting) Any experience out there with this technique in group situations?


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