The future of animal farming is industrial?

by Scott K

From a recent U.S. symposium held at USDA headquarters . . .

Unison Research Company started out the afternoon session by stating that people should accept that the food system is becoming industrialized and intensified and that the key to people accepting it is education.

“We have to change the public awareness gap. We need to celebrate quality production today,” he said. “In my opinion, it’s all about food security for Americans.”

What about humane animal treatment, chicken 'battery' cages, manure 'swamps' created by enormous industrial pigs barns, routine use of antibiotics to combat the crowded conditions, etc etc etc.

I guess this can all be 'educated away' with enough marketing and lobbying.

Pay attention, city folk. This is your food and your future. The current industrial 'agri-business' model is a huge contributor to climate change.

Vote with your dollars, buy local, buy organic, and don't buy this line of umm, compost from industrial agriculture.

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