Update requested

by Hugo Deslippe
(Japan for now but from Quebec)


I recently purchased your books, I took advantage of your special to buy the whole package.

I have to admit that your book on Bootstrap Market Gardening is really well done along with the spreadsheet you prepared for us (I think they are worth the purchase price by themselves.)

I was more interested in pig and chicken raising but out of the three, I think that was the most inspiring.

I appreciate the plan you laid out in there and the first year cash flow statement.

Before I get into this, though, I would like an update because it seems as if you made only $1010.93 that first year. I know you scaled up quite a bit now so it would be interesting to know what kind or revenues can we expect (and how many helpers do we need for that).

Admittedly, as much as I like healthy produce, I cannot live on $1000 for a summer.

- - - -
The first year was our learning year, we had other income to support us while we were learning the ropes.

Year over year, we now achieve a net cash to gross of around 40%, after all expenses except taxes. In other words, if we had gross sales of $100K, we could expect to net about $40k after paying for seed, supplies and farm help.


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