where is the water to grow survival garden coming from???

by Alexander
(dexter, nm, usa)

Where would you find the water to water the vegetables and 3/4 of an acre? Would you have to dig a well?

With no electricity and no running water near by where would the water come from? Even the Ansazi who invented the three sisters basic food group had to move away from their homeland due to not having water.

What about greenhouse? Would they not be better for growing food? Longer growing season, less water and more food production. Correct?

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Mar 20, 2022
Water for survival garden
by: Scott

Water of course is essential to planning your survival garden. New Terra Farm is pretty lucky in that regard, We have a 4000-gallon cistern that is fed from our two barn roofs, a drilled well, and a natural spring.

This is not accidental, we looked for features like the well and the spring when we were searching for our farm. We built the cistern from the concrete base of an old silo near the barns.

Greenhouses can absolutely save water and increase production. Our hoophouse paid for itself year 1. Our future plans include setting up rainwater collection off the hoophouse as well.

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