How do you Make Money with Farm Websites?

by Scott K

Here's a question I hear frequently: "How do you make money from your farm website"?

The short answer is, LOTS of ways. There are at least a dozen monetization models that will let you generate revenue from your website. One or more of these will be right for you. For example, you could:

1. earn money from Google with Adsense

2. earn referral fees from businesses and professionals

3. earn affiliate income by promoting and selling other people's products

4. sell your own products, whether hard goods or information products

5. sell services e.g. consulting

6. sell network marketing products

7. sell products through an on-line auction

I do several of these things to generate another stream of income from my farm. The nice thing is, much of this is passive, recurring income and it comes in 12 months a year. Nice to have some cash-flow in the 'off-season'!

For some examples of various monetization models, check out these case studies

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